first world problem of the week

So my FWPOTW is that it’s become increasingly difficult to go running outside. And the thing is, I don’t like running on the treadmill or working out at the gym. I really don’t like exercising. I like running. I only do exercising to keep from getting hurt. So it’s not like I can go to the gym or hit up a zumba class and like GET MY SWEAT ON! and feel accomplished. An hour lifting weights at the gym is an hour wasted. Running outdoors is the only thing that feeds the beast.

So it snowed before Christmas, but it was just a couple of inches and I was able to run in my neighborhood with only minimal fuckery, dodging the slick spots and the slush and puddles. I also discovered (after about an hour of dodging slick spots and slush and puddles) that the fitness trail outside my gym was in better shape than the roads because it was pretty much unfucked around with, and the snow kept the trail underneath from getting slick.

After Christmas, we got seven inches in one night and the plows didn’t come through for about 24 hours. So the snow got driven around on and then melted and refroze and got all hard and lumpy and the roads were basically shit. Like total fall down, break your leg and get a hemorrhage in your head shit.  I ran on the treadmill for two days in a row. Theeeen Friday night we got another six inches dumped on us. It was plowed Saturday morning but it was still a mess out there.

The thought of a third day in a row on the treadmill, or worse, gingerly shuffling over ice and sludge at a 10:30 pace, made me want to cry, so I drove out to Eagle Creek Park where there are trails aplenty, and my tax dollars ensure the roads are salted and plowed.


Eagle Creek’s an indulgence. It’s about a 20 minute drive in perfect conditions, so I feel like I need to run for at least an hour to make it worthwhile. It also just generally sucks to have to drive to go running.

So I did a couple miles of deep-snow trails in my Yaktrax and trail shoes and then a few more on the road. It was nice.


Today was better. Even though it was only 26 degrees, the sun was out and most of the ice had melted off the streets by the time I dragged my lardass outside. I ran 10 miles without hurting myself or getting frostbite and then treated myself to a Celebration Ale in a hot, hot bath as soon as I got home, which I know is probably the worst thing you can do to your legs after a long run in sub-freezing temps, but meh. IT WAS WORTH IT.

Oh, that giveaway? I picked a winner!

Abby, you are lucky number 4 and I have half a pack of Lucky Strikes and a gently used brillo pad for you. Kidding! It’s an Amazon gift card! And you don’t even have to buy me anything! MOAR EXCLAMATIONS!!!

Just email me and I’ll forward you the code. (See, I’m not a total asshole. ALL the time. Wasn’t that fun?)


12 thoughts on “first world problem of the week

  1. “I really don’t like exercising. I like running. I only do exercising to keep from getting hurt. So it’s not like I can go to the gym or hit up a zumba class and like GET MY SWEAT ON! and feel accomplished. An hour lifting weights at the gym is an hour wasted. Running outdoors is the only thing that feeds the beast.”

    Yes. 100% yes.

    (But no, actually, we only run because we want to be teh SKINNYZ!)

    Also, yeah, running in fresh snowfall is nice, but once the plows come and screw it all up and it gets crunchity and awful, the fun-run factor plummets from 10 to suck in record rime.

  2. I love this post. Do you know why I love it? Obviously because it’s from you, I mean duh, but ALSO because IT IS NOT A GODDAMN FREAKING OMGYEAR IN RUNNING REVIEW. (Apologies in advance if the next thing you were going to post is a omgyear in running review…no doubt that such a thing from you would be no less than hilarious and awesome. I have just seen too many of those in my reader lately. Also I need more wine. Like, a lot more.)

    • Sure I’m doing one! But since I can’t seem to post anything in a timely manner, you probably won’t see it for at least 4 months. Also coming eventually: my entire life in review.

  3. Totally agree. Need to run outside! My outside looks like yours right now – slushy, icy, rutted roads. The regional trail I usually run on gets plowed (lolz) quickly, but it doesn’t get all the way to the pavement, so I am left with the crusty ice of unknown depth and slippery-ness.

    My best bet is running on my neighborhood streets which so far have been pretty bare thanks to some warmer days. But my first world problem is being limited by my locale. I have highways and major roads that I am bounded by and can’t cross so without the trail I end up looping.

    This is getting long for no real reason. So I will just say way to get out there and make it happen.


    Also, Bloomington cleared the snow off the roads pretty well, but they didn’t clear a lot of the trails and sidewalks. I did a bunch of icy runs there last week.

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