what I’m hating: Biggest Loser edition


Yeah so, not much going on around here. I’ve been running but not racing, drinking but not getting drunk, parenting but not taking pictures of the kid, which doesn’t leave much in the way of scintillating blog content.

We’ve also been sick pretty much all winter. I never got sick until I had the baby. We’d catch a cold every now and then, and even through Kenzie’s first year, we were all three pretty much the portrait of health (you know, except for the binge drinking and recreational drug use) save for the occasional runny nose. Then winter hit and we’ve spent the last three months trading coughs, colds and stomach bugs. I’ve thrown up more this winter than in my entire previous life. And now, just as I was getting over the last cold, (that lasted a month longer than it should have because I refused to stop running), I woke up with another sore throat and stuffy nose. My husband and baby have also been a mess. We’re all…just…messes.

Anyway, onto that rant.

So I stopped watching The Biggest Loser a long time ago. Rather, I stopped watching that Yoplait commercial formerly known as The Biggest Loser a long time ago. But I caught a few minutes of it the other night when these people apparently had to be locked up in a room with junk food all day or something(?), so this chick poured orange juice over all the food to keep herself from eating it.

Sound familiar?

Maybe this is a byproduct of my time served in the dorm cafeteria, where untouched plates of food would come down the conveyor belt into the dish room to be scraped with plastic gloved hands into reeking industrial trash bins, but I cannot stand to see people wasting food so belligerently. It’s just such a snotty, privileged, first-world thing to do. Oh hey, since I have no self-control or composure, the only way I can keep myself from eating this food is to ruin it! 

Whenever I watch food shows, I give myself this little pep talk about how the food doesn’t go to waste and that it’s all given to homeless shelters and food pantries, or in the very least, fed to the cast and crew and studio audience after the show. It’s the only way I can reconcile waste committed for the sake of entertainment. (I’ve heard some shows do this, but I did a little cursory browsing on the nets and I didn’t really find a credible answer as far as The Biggest Loser is concerned.) Also, I’d like to punch Bob’s douche hipster glasses right of his smug fucking face, but that’s neither here nor there.

And don’t even get me started on Man Vs. Food. That guy is a fucking catastrophe. A curly haired hottie with puppy-dog eyes eating himself into an early grave. For shame Adam Richman, for shame.

Anyway, that’s about all I’ve got for you today. I need to sign up for a race. If for no other reason than to get my ass motivated to do some serious outdoor running and to have at least one thing to come over here and blog about.

Oh, OH OH. This weekend?? WINTERFEST. Be on the lookout for my drunk tweets. XO


21 thoughts on “what I’m hating: Biggest Loser edition

  1. I stopped watching BL years ago. It just frustrated me. EVERYONE can lose weight if their entire focus is spending the whole day in the gym and having their meals prepared for them. MOST people can’t afford to take two months off work to go to some kind of camp/resort like BL. Most people are like me: trying to fit in the gym in between work, bs traffic, friends, dating, etc. Most people are like me: too tired to cook after a long day at work & gym session! THAT’S realistic!

    Sorry about my rant.

      • And ALL a waste – the food, the effort, the money – because I don’t think many, if any, of those people keep the weight off long-term. It’s not sustainable. UGH.

        Sorry you’ve been sick so much. Sucks.

      • Nope, and what that tells me is that the show makes little more than a cursory effort to give them any long-term tools for success. Blah.

  2. What a waste of orange juice and food. That shit isn’t cheap, especially when your flu ridden partner in crime is going through half a bottle a day. I bet there’s a ton of waste in the entertainment industry. I wonder if they try to be sustainable.

  3. BL annoys me, but I sometimes catch it. I can’t stand Jillian, but that’s another rant for another day. Like Lisa said, it’s so unrealistic for normal people. If your only task is to workout all day and eat nothing, guess what will happen…weight loss!

    Sorry you have been sick. This winter has been a real b for everyone. Some nasty vomitus thing is making it’s rounds in these parts. Dear God keep it away.

    OMGBEERFEST! So jealous. There is a big one in St. Paul this weekend that tickets are impossible to come by. I hope Boulder brings their Mojo on Nitro for you…that is my current obsession.

  4. It seems like Biggest Loser always has at least 1 episode per season where they waste a ton of food. The reason and premise for the show is totally a first-world thing to begin with. I do like this season much more than last season though… Much less drama and “game playing.”

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