There is no Stan Mikita’s Donuts in Aurora, IL

Last week, I ran 36 miles in five days, a record for me. We had weekend travel plans so I tried to (stupidly, probably) cram in a bunch of mileage (10.5, 7, 10) at the beginning of the week  because a) I know better than to schedule a long run in unfamiliar surroundings and b) with a grandma to babysit, I was pretty sure I’d be catching up on six months of not boozing(ish).


I tried everything in Column D.

I did manage to run six miles in the snow Friday evening. The streets and sidewalks were patchy with ice, so I opted for a snow-covered gravel path. It beat the shit out of my knees and ankles and it was a lot colder than I expected so I was uncomfortable pretty much the whole time.

Saturday I ran three easy road miles before going to a concert at the Paramount in Aurora. All I previously knew about Aurora, Illinois I learned from Wayne’s World.


But the Paramount is fantastic. It’s one of those really ornate, old timey theaters with great sound and plush seats (not that we sat, ever). We saw a local Chicago band called Poi Dog Pondering. They’ve been around for about 30 years but never really hit the big time, whether by choice or by virtue of the music industry being clogged with such revolting acts as Nicki Minaj, LMFAO and The Jonas Brothers, I don’t know.

I managed to capture this one amazing photo:


Leave your DSLR and your iPhone and your other DSLR and your waterproof digital camera at home and just fucking enjoy yourself.

We pre-gamed at a Irish pub called Ballydoyle that had a great beer list, a nice guy playing guitar and singing all those songs you know all the words to, and enough sweet potato fries to soak up at least the first two shots of Jameson.


I took Sunday off.


Good times, but weekend getaways are a whole different ballgame with a baby. On the one hand, you have a grandma to babysit so you can go out and have shenanigans all night with your friends, but on the other hand, you still have to get up with the baby at 6 a.m. after having shenanigans all night with your friends. You also have to pack a lot more shit.

But I’m not complaining. Neither my husband nor I have any family in town, so our nights out are pretty few and far between. This was our first night out (other than a couple of quick dinner dates) since the Roger Waters show back in June. (Sidenote: I really hate people who have parents to come over to babysit whenever they want and still complain about not having any time to themselves. I also hate people who can get on a plane and fly across the country whenever they want and still complain about never seeing their family.)


It’s hard out here for a jealous hater.

Anyway, for shits and giggles, I am doing a run streak type thing this week. But instead just doing a cursory mile or so because HEY, A MILE COUNTS, I’m going to try to do something a little more meaningful. The plan is to run 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 for a total of 42 miles. That’s about four more miles than I’ve ever done in one week, so it’s attainable but would still be a notable achievement for me. And I’m not above splitting them into double runs, but I think either the 10 or the 12 should be a proper long run.

So yesterday morning I ran a mile and lifted weights at the gym, and then in the afternoon I did another perfunctory mile in my neighborhood. Amazing, I know. But please hold your applause until the end of the streak.


32 thoughts on “There is no Stan Mikita’s Donuts in Aurora, IL

  1. Poi Dog Pondering are local? No wonder no one ever gets it when I reference them. Huh.
    And of course I mean “local” in the sense of “I might live in NYC but the first 18 years of my life in Chicago’s western suburbs were obviously the most influential time of my life.”

  2. This is actually in my neck of the woods. I’m on Naperville which is just a few miles east of aurora. Grew up in aurora and people always ask if there really is that nail with all the cars on it in the town, and sadly there isn’t. The town is actually rather under thrilling and is just like evey other Midwest suburb.

  3. Am I the only MOM who reads your blog? Your child is unbelievably cute! And that picture of your husband (I’m assuming) and baby in the bed made me sigh out of sweetness. But yeah, traveling with kids is not a picnic. There is no “travel light!” to be done. And not that it’s any consolation, but my mom lives 10 minutes away and just. won’t. babysit. I don’t really like her very much. But not just because of that.

  4. Yay for partytime! I may have a lot to learn yet (or maybe I’m not that desperate to have shenanigans yet), but I wouldn’t party even if I DID have a babysitter if I still had to get up and face the day (read: baby) at 6 a.m. the next day. And I agree with you that, if I hear of parents not getting a night out to themselves and they have family less than two hours away, I do NOT want to hear it (mine are a seven-hour flight away).

    The most important part of that post, however, is that I think your bebe is wearing the same cat pants my bebe has–and I wish they made them in big people sizes because I’d totally wear them.

    • You’re smart. Shenanigans are no match for 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

      The cat pants were a gift and I LOVE THEM! They really enhance her little diaper butt and chubby knees. ❤ ❤ ❤ If I had a matching pair we could wear them to the grocery store together and be crazy cat lady and mini crazy cat lady.

  5. I think the thing that I fear the most for the day that I have children is being hungover and dealing with a baby in the early morning hours. I actually think I fear that more than the actual delivery, because hey – at least during delivery there are drugs stronger than ibuprofen available.

    • She’s lucky she’s so cute. Can you imagine dealing with an uggo baby at 6 in the morning?? Blech. But the sad thing is, it doesn’t take me more than a couple of beers these days to be all achy and dehydrated in the morning…and a couple beers beyond THAT, I am a complete wreck.

  6. The photo of the baby and the hubz and kitteh is the best. Nothing gets my heart strings like when I see my hubz snuggled up with my two.

    Sounds like a great night! My parents are an hour away, so we have had some chances for overnight babysitters, but we still have to go pick them up the next day. Last time we did this was for my birthday and I had one too many local brewery taproom beers (I know I hate me too) and felt like death the next day. There is nothing worse than being sick (or hungover) and having to take care of babies. NOTHING.

    • YESSSS. When I had that violent stomach bug, I was puking (among other things) with the baby sitting on the floor next to me. Evil.

      And thanks…ALL my favorite photos are of hubz and kitteh. ❤

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