0 mile weekend makes marie a dull girl

I was within 12 miles and one day of meeting my (stupid, stupid) 40+ mpw goal when everything fell apart.

Monday: 2 (AM 1 + weights/PM 1)
Tuesday: 4 (8:23 avg pace)
Wednesday: 6 (AM 4/PM 2)
Thursday: 8 (9:00 avg pace)
Friday: 10 (AM 5.5/PM 4.5)
Saturday/Sunday: 0 (AT DEATH’S DOOR.)
Total: 30

Friday evening after a couple of rather punishing runs outside in the cold, I noticed a familiar grating feeling in the back of my throat. I drank a couple of gallons of hot, hot tea and a couple gallons of Nyquil and went to bed, confident I’d wake up feeling refreshed and ready to do 12 miles on Saturday. Or 6 and 6. Or, jesus, in the very least a cursory 5k.

But we all know where this is going. Who in holy analgesic hell has ever woken up refreshed after taking Nyquil?


I felt like I’d been hit by a train. My whole body ached and I had that horrible, unproductive, uncontrollable dry cough where your eyeballs bug out and your ribs ache. (On the bright side, it’s been a fantastic core workout for me. Bikini season, here I come!)

I continued the regimen of scalding hot liquids yesterday and did the Nyquil shuffle again last night, and I feel a lot better. Still, instead of spending another month wondering if I am immune deficient or perhaps just the filthiest person alive, I’m going to the doctor tomorrow. I’ve a race coming up and I could use some legitimate drugs.

I was going to take it easy this week, wanting to go into the race on fresh legs. I guess now I’ll be going into it on really, really fresh legs.

Oh, and since I got a smattering of praise for those baby photos a couple posts ago, I offer you my first homemade animated gif: I call it “What’s in the box?”


She was captivated by this box for nearly 10 minutes.


11 thoughts on “0 mile weekend makes marie a dull girl

  1. Yeah, great so as soon as I say PUBLICLY ON TWITTER that there is no way to comment, here comes Disqus after taking its sweet time. Thanks, Disqus. A lot. Now I look like a complete idiot.

    We have big white squares on our kitchen floor, too! The box gif is cute enough to make me want another baby. Way to make my day and ruin it in one fell swoop. And your goal – while entertaining from a blog reader standpoint, I knew you’d be asking for trouble. Didn’t you read my post on running while sick? I definitely think you should go for the FULL taper. The one where you don’t do anything until the day before the day before your race when you go and do some sprints and jogging for 4 minutes – just enough to wake your legs up. And I suggest you do some crafting while tapering. Post the projects. It will keep you from being dull.

    • I know! There’s a stigma associated with recreational drug use in this country and its unfortunate. I’d try to do something about it except I’m really high right now.

  2. The baby! Love. Boxes, Target bags, water bottles, newspaper…all great baby toys.

    Sorry you are sick again. This winter has been bad for colds/flu’s – more than normal it seems. Bad luck Brian indeed. You’ve been putting in the work, so the 1/2 is in the bag. Just rest up.

  3. What is it with little kids and boxes? I loved ’em too…in fact, my mom made me a “house” out of an old wardrobe box when I was a kid and I was PISSED when it didn’t make it through our cross-town move. Hope you feel better soon!

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