February in a nutshell

February was a short month, but that’s no excuse for how mediocre it turned out to be. In January, I ran 25 more miles, took six fewer rest days and my average pace was 34 seconds faster (and I apparently needed all of February to recover from that).

Actually, I’m not mad. On the days I wasn’t sick, I tried to do good work, and I pretty much achieved my race goal (BUT FOR 10 SECONDS…OK, DROPPING IT).

Here’s the breakdown:

Total miles run: 105.5
Weekly average: 26.4
Daily average: 3.8
Average pace: 8:45
Time spent running: 15 hours, 29 minutes
Races: 1
Treadmill runs: 12
Outdoor runs: 13
Rest days: 8
Also: 7 pints of beer, 3 shots of Jameson (sorry, mom!), 4 bottles of wine, 2 growlers and a partridge in a pear tree
Photos of me running: 1


I’m one of the out of focus girls in the back there.

Next month, I would LIKE to do some long runs. I’ve been doing speed work for the first time in my life and while I do appreciate what it helped me accomplish, there is something to be said for just zoning out and relaxing over a casual 14 miles. Plus, I really just feel like I need to put up some double digit runs in order to feel good about myself (in the most adolescent way possible).

Oh, and I’d also like to not have a toothache anymore. I want to be able to drink beverages at something other than room-temperature. I’ve got a refrigerator full of fantastic beer and I CAN’T DRINK ANY OF IT.


2 thoughts on “February in a nutshell

  1. I have some string and a doorknob. I could totally help you out with that tooth. Also, you won something. i consciously picked you. I think that means it was rigged.

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