morning dump


The queen of all toddlers is taking a rare morning nap so I thought instead of doing anything constructive like tackling the mound of dirty dishes in the sink or answering the dozens of emails from my hordes of loyal fans (LOL), I thought I’d waste some time on the internets!

Homegirl is in that awkward transition phase between two naps a day and one. I know some moms dread fewer naps because they feel they don’t get a break, but I am thrilled. We can finally do things in the morning.

As a matter of fact, I AM taking a dump right now.

As a matter of fact, I AM taking a dump right now.

These days, if she sleeps in late enough (like 7ish), she can usually make it until after lunch without napping. But sometimes like today, she starts whining and rubbing her eyes around 10 a.m. and I know she needs to get some sleep. She was out cold the moment I put her in the crib.

The drawback is that she may or may not take an afternoon nap. If she doesn’t, it sucks. She goes seven or eight hours without sleeping–WAY TOO LONG–and ends up shitty and exhausted by 5 p.m. which generally includes of lot of bitch-slapping and crying and throwing things (and the baby is irritable too). But if we put her to bed earlier than 7, she’ll wake up at the crack of dawn. You see what a vicious cycle it is?

bed head/nap face

I do love her nap face.

Anywhoozles, I’m here. Let’s talk.

I ran almost 33 miles last week and it damn near killed me.

Monday: 7 (AM treadmill 2/weights + PM 5 outside jog)
Tuesday: 4 (AM 1000 yard swim + PM treadmill 4 x 400s with quarter-mile jogs in between)
Wednesday: 6 (treadmill intervals @ 8:50 avg)
Thursday: 1 (TM mile run @ 7:02 + weights)
Friday: 0 (1500 yard swim)
Saturday: 6.2 (TM 10k @ 8:50 avg). This was going to be a longer run but I didn’t eat enough for breakfast and started feeling queasy around 5 miles. Stupid.
Sunday: 8.38 (outside LSD @9:35 avg). Also supposed to be a longer run. No excuses except that I just wasn’t feeling it. Ran slower than planned and ran out of time. A 9:30 pace felt a lot harder than it should have.

Total: 32.58

Lately as my weekly mileage has hovered in the mid-30 range, I’ve really started to feel it in my knees and shins. I think I also said this when I was working my way back up to 20-mile weeks postpartum, so I know I’ll eventually work through it. I probably haven’t been as diligent as I could be in the cross-training department but my legs are in good shape (arms and belly, not so much). I think it’s just a transition period for me (much like the baby’s naps! Yeah, that’s DEEP) and if I keep cranking out more 30+ mile weeks, it will eventually get easier. And then I’ll (with hope) start whining about 40 mile weeks.

I’ve also just been feeling exhausted lately even though I’ve been getting enough sleep. I don’t know if I have that affliction of malnourishment common to the healthy living blog (aka gray-face) community or if I’m just totes weaksauce, but it’s annoying. Again, this could just be due to higher mileage weeks and some double-run days, but if I don’t see any improvement soon, I’ll probably complain about it some more.


I had this Florida Cracker Belgian white Sunday night and it was fantastic.

IMG_4040I recently did another beer trade with my own Florida cracker, Daily Beer Review. He wanted a few of the new Belgian ales from Goose Island, and sent me some great stuff from Cigar City and Dogfish Head, as well as a much-coveted Westvleteren XII. 85 bucks a six-pack! I’m saving it for the end of the world.

Last and most importantly, my tooth is finally feeling better. In addition to the painkiller (that I can’t take if I want to be a functioning human being), I’m taking a strong antibiotic (it is THE antibiotic preferred 10 to 1 by junkies and prostitutes! For realz, I could probably blow a hobo right now and not even get sick) that the dentist said would help with the pain. It took a week, but it’s finally working.

That’s about it!

What have you been picking out of your teeth lately? 


15 thoughts on “morning dump

  1. February/March are when the winter blahhhhs really kick in for me (plus you’re increasing mileage)…I bet you start feeling perkier once the time changes this weekend and you’re doing more runs in the light of day. Or just accept you’re a slacker and revel in being who you are.

    • There is nothing perky about me right now. Unfortunately only part of that can be corrected without cosmetic surgery. But yeah, I am reeeeally over winter.

  2. That Florida Cracker Belgian looks good!

    My husband waited in line for the Westvleteren XII. It was only (lol) $75 in Canada, so that’s the first and likely last time we’ve benefitted from government-controlled liquor sales. A friend of mine opened his own bottle and was disappointed, so we’re not planning to open them for a few years.

      Yeah, if you read that review at DBR, he had kind of the same sentiment. I’m going to age it 8 years (or at least until the next time i have no beer and I’m desperate) and see what happens.

  3. We had the Westvletren XII in Belgium. My husband bought a six-pack home with us, and he only drinks one on very special occasions. Translation: I think he drank one after the Spawn was born. HA! Oh, speaking of the Spawn, he is pretty much dropped the afternoon nap in favor of a longish morning nap. It’s kinda awesome. Once he gets up and has lunch, we can go out and about without incident until dinner time.

    • It’d be interesting to do a vertical tasting and compare the stuff you picked up in Belgium with the one I’ve got here. (BRB GETTIN ON A PLANE TO CALIF!)

  4. I have no insight on your toddler problems but I think it’s awesome that you are kicking so much ass at running lately. Father and faster. Awesome. ❤

  5. Damn, that is some expensive beer. Make sure you don’t tell any of us your address otherwise SOME of us would probably find a reason to “stop by” and “go through your fridge”…

  6. Every time I get exhausted in the winter, I stop being a lazy asshole and start actually taking the vitamin D supplements I have been told over and over again to take by my doctor, and perhaps it is just me reacting to pseudo science and placebo effect, but i swear i helps. SO EVEN THOUGH THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH YOU, MAYBE TAKE YOUR VITAMIN D. Also useful because Vitamin D leaves ample room for dick jokes.

  7. As the token non-beer drinking, no-longer-able-to-run-for-who-knows-how-the fuck-long mom who reads your blog, I will focus solely on the toddler portion of this post…

    She is too cute. And the nap transition is always fun for everyone. All of my kids segued into afternoon only naps somewhere between 12 and 15 months. With my oldest, it was the best. He’d wake up around 6:30 or 7 in the morning and be up until exactly 2. Sleep until exactly 5. You could seriously set your watch my his nap. Wake up until about 8:30 or 9. It sucked more and more with each subsequent child because you have all the school pick ups and after school activities and the poor baby/toddler ends up getting gypped of precious sleep on a regular basis. Am I allowed to use the word “gypped” over here? Or is the PC Police going to slam me?

    • Hahaha, yes. And for the record I will also never moderate any instances of “jewed” or “gayed” or “retardeded.”

      I can see how more children would screw up the delicate, delicate sleep rhythms of the unfortunately youngest babby. Most days, I want another one, but you’ve given me some food for thought. Some tasty, exotic gypsy food.

  8. I just had my first Westvleteren 12 in a beer bar in Amsterdam (best night evah, it was like a beer paradise…) – CRACK THE BITCH OPEN, YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO WAIT! It was so terribly good, like the smoothest Belgian in the world. Insert joke here.

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