spring fall-back

This post is probably two or three days past relevancy, but so is your mom.

There are several occasions in which I do my very best to avoid the internet and especially Twitter: the State of the Union address, any national election, any time a celebrity dies, and the time change. Invariably, people complain. People feign confusion about what time it is (or worse, they are authentically confused). People forget about the time change and make frantic posts about how they are early or late for work. (Which, isn’t that why the time change happens on a Saturday?)

I forgot about the time change once. I was in college and I had been away in the wilderness on a camping trip and on drugs all weekend. I got home late Sunday and went to bed without turning on a television or radio and I didn’t have a computer in my dorm room. (ZOMG UR SO OLD I HAVE 3 LAPTOPS AND AN IPAD IN MY DORM ROOM LOL) I showed up to my 10 a.m. lecture at 11 a.m. and I was confused.

The moral of the story is that unless you are on drugs, you should be able to adjust your clocks without whining and crying and making a big theatrical performance out of it. Seriously, your snot is clogging up my internet.

Now let’s talk about how much I sucked ass last week.

[insert the most inappropriate animated gif you can think of here]

Monday: 0 (100 yard swim – IT COUNTS LOL LOL LOL )
Tuesday: 9.6 (AM 7.3 @ 8:56 avg + PM 2.3 really slow in snow)
Wednesday: 0 (let’s just say we had some stomach issues)
Thursday: 5.5 (9:22 avg pace. It was really windy and I was exhausted)
Friday: 0 (after a day trip in which the baby screamed for the last 30 miles, a beer seemed more important than running)
Saturday: 9.26 (9:08 avg pace. Not my best work but after this suck-ass week, I had lowered my standards tremendously and was pleased with the effort.)
Sunday: 3.8 (perfunctory recovery jog before getting into some prosecco)

Total: 28ish.

My parents were in town, which usually allows me to get in some extra miles, but…you read my earnest excuses above. Let’s call it a fall-back week. (We did that last week too but shut up.) And 28 is really not that bad considering I took THREE days off.

I’m doing one of those Shamrock 4 milers this weekend and I’m going to try my damnedest to come in under 32 minutes. It shouldn’t be that difficult, but following the Polar Bear, I’ve found nearly impossible to maintain an 8:00 pace at any distance.

Coming up next month, I’m doing the Carmel Marathon relay. The friend who invited me onto her team had a baby January 6 and she’s already badasser than me. I hate her.

I don’t know what leg I’m doing but I rather hope its not four miles.

Now I’m going to show you a picture of the baby because I know the rest of this post really sucked.



10 thoughts on “spring fall-back

  1. I love spring forward – more light when I can use it! Except…the whole time change thing sucks now that I have babies and they don’t give any shits what time the clock says. Oh and my attempt to get them to wake up at the new 6 instead of the old 5…fail. Baby boy was up at 5:30 this morning.

    I think your week looks good! Anything over 25 mpw is a big win in my book.

    • Thanks dude, I feel that way too except that I want to RUN MOAR MILES. ALL THE MILES.

      And yeah, half an hour early sucks! If it’s an hour, you MAYBE have a chance the’ll go back to sleep, but half an hour? You’re so screwed.

  2. I do gripe about the time change, but only because I think we need to stop effing up the clock. I need light to wake up, people. I guess if I farmed I’d be singing a different tune, but as it is I think we get enough daylight just due to the increase in summer months thanks to proximity to the sun. So why shove our hours around?

    • I think farmers get up at sunrise no matter what time it is! I know supposedly we did DST for them, but I still don’t get it.
      And I fear it’s going to be tough to convince a toddler that it’s bedtime when it’s still light outside.

  3. I’m so old they didn’t even have computers that could be owned by individuals when I was in college. You had to be an institution to afford one (or have the space to house one). Don’t most clocks change themselves now?

  4. All day long on Saturday, my parents were all “don’t forget to change your clocks!” I was all “hey old people, 2013 called and said to use your cell phone like the rest of the world.” And then they were all, “hey daughter, your 30s called, move the F out of our house.” And now I’m homeless.

    Just kidding. Except for their constant reminder for me to change my clocks. That part was true.

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