training notes + a few words about my crotch


So my groin area (pectineus, maybe?) has felt janky for the last week or so. Ever since I did a hill workout on the treadmill last week. Naturally, I thought I’d do another hill workout this morning and see if I couldn’t completely destroy it. It was after I jacked the incline up to 5% that the right side kind of gave out and I actually had to stop running. I got off the treadmill and stretched in a lunge for a few seconds. When I got back on, it felt fine and I was able to finish my run (and kept the incline at a more moderate 2.5-3.5%), but I can still feel some mild discomfort there (I’m typing this with an ice pack down in my sweat pants, just so you know).

I’ve been running almost exclusively on pancake-flat terrain, so I know I probably just got overzealous and I should have eased into the hill workouts, but I thought I was in decent enough shape that I could wing it. Yeah, not so much.

I’ve always been pretty lazy about icing and stretching (I know, I know, I deserve what I get) but now that I’m properly motivated, I’m trying to do better. However…the groin is an awkward area to stretch! I don’t feel like the lotus/indian style position (or whatever you call it) or lunges are quite able target the problem area. If anyone has any guidance, I’m all ears. And crotch!

Here’s what my training looked like last week:

Monday: 8.89 (AM 5 tempo outside @ 8:28 avg + PM 3.89 TM hills @ 8:59 avg– the one that hurt me!)
Tuesday: 0 (2000m row + weights)
Wednesday: 8 (treadmill speed internals, 4 sets @ 8:45 avg)
Thursday: 6 (outside windy fartlek @ 8:33 avg)
Friday: 2.8 (stroller shakeout @ 9:29 avg)
Saturday: 7 (AM Shamrock 4 @ 7:41 avg + PM 2.9 stroller jog @ 9:33 avg)
Sunday: REST
Total: 33ish

Other news: I ended up with the 6.9 mile leg of the Carmel relay and it’s first leg of the race, which I didn’t realize until just now, but I think that’s a really lucky break.

I’ve never done a relay and I’m all giddy about it! I think if I had more time to train, I could definitely string together some 8:00 miles for this race, but since I only have a month, I’m going to aim for more like 8:15-8:30s and again, really try to take care of myself. (OATMEAL N KALE 4 EVERY MEAL!)

Last, and this has nothing to do with anything, but we’ve been DVRing WKUK on the IFC network, and this one had me in tears. We rewound the part with the intern and watched it again. 


3 thoughts on “training notes + a few words about my crotch

  1. Dude, I’ve had osteitis pubis for over a year now (inflammation of the pubic joint). Worse injury ever. No way to stretch or foam roll or ice – just ugh. Hateful. Good luck.

    • I actually read through some of your archives last night! I was like, “oh, osteitis pubis, glad I don’t have THAT.” But it’s in the same neighborhood. Major funsies. Good luck to you too, glad you’ve been able to do some running again.

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