can we talk about how much I hate the KEEP CALM meme?

Yeah, so I don’t want to trivialize the actual important things that are happening in our country today, but there’s one other thing that’s been pissing me off and I think we should talk about it.

That KEEP CALM meme? It’s horrible and it has to stop.

Here are some of the more nauseating ones I’ve encountered:


What was once–at best–a clever ripoff has devolved into self-absorbed drivel. (Not that I’m surprised. One of the best things about the internet is memes…one of the worst things about the internet…is memes. Because there are always going to be people who just don’t get it. And while I like to believe those people are outnumbered by the rest of us, they are often the loudest and most obnoxious people in the room. They’re also the ones sharing FREE IPAD links on Facebook and urging me to mouse over their name and uncheck ‘comments and likes’ so their “private” posts aren’t broadcast all over the internet, but that’s neither here nor there. This is probably the longest parenthetical statement in the history of the internet…INTERNEEEEEET.)

This meme has been beaten to death, resuscitated, put on a feeding tube, given a blood transfusion and then re-beaten to death. It’s too late for this meme to die with dignity, but we still need to let it die.

And not to get all sanctimonious on your asses, but this poster was originally designed to boost morale among the British during World War II. Using it as a promotion for Keeping Up With the Kardashians is just cheap. I sort of doubt we’d have the same kind of unbridled enthusiasm for a meme that mocked Uncle Sam.

Sigh. Never mind.

Sigh. Never mind.

And also, fuck the Yankees.


17 thoughts on “can we talk about how much I hate the KEEP CALM meme?

  1. I judge people who share this like I judge those who share motivational images on FB and the “this person needs X likes and will be cured of cancer” posts. Ugh!

  2. I hate that facebook has become a “post memes you find on the internet.” I miss the days when it was about posting the cool things you do, sharing family photos and staying connected with friends.

  3. I could not agree with you more, except for your statement regarding the Yankees (please respect my high school crush on Derek Jeter, whom I was sure was going to find me in my obscure New London home and immediately recognize his soulmate). I feel like shaking the stuffing out of some people while hissing through my teeth, “You cannot just slap the prefix of ‘keep calm’ in front of any verb phrase and have it work! You are missing the point!”

  4. Yes. Because it’s not fucking clever! Even Grumpy Cat with a “No.” underneath him is clever. Also, there’s something vaguely gender rolely about it that pisses me off (we are little women! we must stay calm and get the tea service ready!).

    • what in the world are you talking about? Keep calm had nothing whatsoever to do with gender roles. Are you serious? The original Keep Calm and Carry On was an appeal to the idea of British Stoicism, on par with “Stiff Upper Lip”. Now, it needs to die, because this dead horse just filed a restraining order, but its not a gender thing. Why do some people always go looking for it where its not there? Axe to grind?

  5. Has anyone made a “keep calm and suck my dick” one? or how about a “keep calm and pimp more nuun” one? what about “keep calm and whore for chobani” one? shit, now I sound like I’m handling my lack of #freeshit badly again đŸ˜‰

  6. I think I’ve hid 90% of my facebook “friends” (I use that term VERY loosely) and somehow I am still visually attacked by the stupidest and most face-palm-inducing shit I’ve ever seen. Although to be fair, some people are just too stupid to unfollow. Even though they make me question life, I just can’t look away.

  7. Also, Someecards. I remember years ago when they would occasionally give me a chuckle. And now? Throwing text on an old timey photo with pastel background does not inherently make it funny. This is my entire Facebook feed lately. STAB.

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