unholy pancakes

Yeah so, this morning we were out of Bob’s Red Mill gluten-free pancake mix (just kidding, I eat all the gluten!) so I decided to do something super daring and make pancakes (dun dun DUUUUN) from scratch.

The thing is, I don’t bake, I cook. Cooking is easy: pinch of this, dash of that. Baking requires too much precision. If you screw up and add just a little too much (baking powder??) of something, your pancakes will suck ass.


non fluffy suck-ass pancakes

Anyway, you know those nice air holes that make your pancakes so light and fluffy and also tell you when it’s time to flip? Yeah, mine didn’t have those. So the outside cooked but the inside remained a gooey mess. I usually don’t post things on the internet that make me look like such a complete asshole, but I couldn’t resist. (I have never screwed up coffee though, so there’s that.)

Have you ever fucked up something as simple as pancakes? 


5 thoughts on “unholy pancakes

  1. Did you stir the batter down too much? I like to use sour milk (’cause, like, buttermilk is expensive and I’d never use the rest of the jug – so I just add vinegar to milk and let it curdle) and then I let the batter rest and develop bubbles first. Also I never use a recipe. I like to live life on the edge.

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