the week in [yawn]

So I sort of took last week off from running. I still ran, but because I spent the first part of the week waiting for new shoes to arrive and the latter part of the week breaking in the new shoes, I didn’t do anything noteworthy. I ended up with 28 miles of mostly threesies and foursies, one seven and one double-run day of six and four.

Naturally, the “vacation” sent me into a panic spiral: I am going to crash and burn in this relay and my teammates are going to hate me. (I’m the third fastest runner on a team of four, so they’ll probably hate me regardless.) I’m shooting for ~8:15 pace. I said before that I might be able to squeeze in a little closer to 8:00, but I just don’t know. If it’s windy, I won’t be able to do it. But if it’s calm and cloudy and I train (and rest) appropriately in these last two weeks, it’s possible.*

I actually had a dream the other night that it was really windy at the race and I bombed. When I looked at the race results online (because for some reason in my dream I had no idea of my pace until I checked the results afterward) I learned I had run a 9:20 average, and I was crushed. (Side note: To punctuate that last thought, I went searching for an animated gif of somebody ugly-crying and I found a whole web site full of them: Take your pick.)

So today’s run was an especially punishing one to make up for my 28-mile-week vacation: I did my least-favorite speed workout of all time: 3x1600s in 20 mph winds (which seemed to gust up to 60 mph up toward the end of each mile) with half-mile jogs in between. According to the exalted Daily Mile, I haven’t done this workout since January 24 in which my splits were 7:42, 7:27 and 7:29.

My warm-up was a stroller jog with the baby over to the gym childcare. (Side note #2: Why didn’t you just do your dumb 1600s with the jogging stroller? HARDCOOORE! A lot of moms like to talk about how stroller running has made them better runners. Or maybe no moms do this, and I am just using the Fox News method of pretend-sourcing because I said it to myself once and thought it sounded kind of smart. I do love running with my kid and moreover, sometimes it’s the only way I can get out for a run. And certainly, there could be some benefits to running while pushing a stroller. Maybe running with your arms out in front of you improves your posture, burns more calories and somehow increases your lactate threshold and better prepares you for racing hard. But until I see a peer-reviewed, published study with a large sample size proving the benefits of training with a jogging stroller, I’ll continue to do my speed work without it.)

My splits were 7:34, 7:28 and 7:31 (And–I might be most proud of this–a mile cool-down jogging home with the stroller at a brisk 10:45 pace.)

Not really any better than the last time, but not any worse. So, good, right? (SO MANY COMMAS JUST NOW.) I don’t remember my quads aching quite so much when I did this workout back in January, but I guess that’s what happens when you only do it every three months. So tomorrow I’ll do an easy run and then…whatever.



*Do you actually taper for a 7 mile race? Or do you just like, take it easy for a couple days prior? 


5 thoughts on “the week in [yawn]

    • Ha ha, no. God, no. (But this was around the same time in 2011 that I found out I was prego!) So I really have no excuse. BRB FUNNELING VODKA.

  1. Without any personal experience, I have to believe just plan ‘ol running with the jogging stroller makes you somewhat…faster? more efficient? I mean, you have to maneuver that thing, right? That takes some effort from the arms and core. I don’t have a core after housing two fetuses for 9 months, but other people might.

    I would just take it easy a couple days before the race. I never tapered for my 1/2’s either though, so I’m not one to talk.

    • And I’m probably at least a minute slower with the stroller–ON A GOOD DAY–so there’s that. I’ll LOL if we find out in 10 years that stroller jogging gives you like, a hunchback or something.

      I didn’t really taper much for my last half, I just ran casually during that week, so I’ll probably do something like that. And obviously, get wasted the night before the race.

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