you could even say that I have principles

Yeah so, it only took two months, but I finally got my third place age group award from the Polar Bear 5 Miler.

I know what you’re thinking.

got mine

Don’t put it in your pocket.

Back in February, after checking and rechecking the race results online and confirming that there were in fact age group awards, I sent an email to the race organizers asking if those awards would be mailed, or if I’d screwed myself by not being present to accept my prize. I waited a week with no reply and sent another email. I know. But I really needed that prize, you guys. You’ve seen my blog lately, I’ve got nothing.

Someone finally took pity on me and replied that my gift certificate was in the mail. Then I waited another month.

I wondered to what lengths I would have to go to get what was rightfully mine.

anton choking a dude

Thankfully it did not come to this.

Luckily, just as I was loading my stunbolt gun into the trunk of my Honda, my husband pulled this out of the mailbox:


You know how this is going to turn out, don’t you?

Sweet validation. Also, I’m an asshole. The competent folks at KLA went to the trouble of putting together a nice little fun run in the dead of winter in Indiana, and what do I do? I complain about the timing mats. Then, despite starting slow and running sloppy, I somehow manage to hustle an AG award (yeah yeah, in a field of 500 runners, shut up) and then I pester the organizers about when the hell they’re going to mail me my award. Theeeeen, instead of USING the gift certificate, I frame it and hang it on my also-ran shrine to myself.

This is the best I can do.

Do you have a running shrine to yourself? What would you do for 12 bucks? DO U LIEK STUNBOLT GUNS?

call it friendo


5 thoughts on “you could even say that I have principles

  1. Oh that Javier Bardem, so guapooooo. (Not. We have an irrational hate for Javier Bardem in our house.)

    What would I do for 12 bucks? Definitely not let someone guest post for me, only for 50+. Go me, I have standards. Also I would compliment someone I hate for 12 bucks and eat some slightly, but not REALLY, gross.

    • I remember Dlisted always used to talk about him sucking on Penelope Cruz’s face with his giant mouth and that kind of ruined him for me.

      And that haircut’s certainly not doing him any favors.

  2. I keep all my medals together, right now they are in the “catch all” room, half are sort of on a medal hanger I won in a giveaway, but it got too heavy, so the rest are sitting (nicely) on a shelf. If we ever move out of my parents house and I have my own place to decorate, I’m not sure what I’ll do with my medals. Where can I display them without looking like an asshole? Why do I care what anyone else thinks about how I decorate my future home? Is it possible to hang them on the refrigerator like a parent might do with their kids report card? That wouldn’t get annoying every time I grabbed a beer, right?

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