a little pre-relay stream of consciousness

Even if I have a catastrophic falling off of the wheels, I should finish my 6.9 mile leg in under an hour. In my dreams, I finish in 55:12. In reality, I think it’ll be more like 57-58 minutes.

I had one pretty notable run earlier this week with four tempo miles at 8:00ish pace. I know I said this going into the last race but this time I mean it: I seriously doubt I can average an 8:00 pace for this race, even if I warm up properly. (My teammates want to meet up ridiculously early before the race so instead of getting there at my usual five seconds before the gun, I will actually get there in time to do a decent warm-up.)

Just today, I decided to check out the course elevation profile (mine’s the lower purple/red line). I guess in Indiana I just assume it’s going to be flat, but it appears I’ll be running downhill pretty much the whole way. An opportunity for an obnoxious PR or an obnoxious injury.

shit rolls downhill

It’s going to be fuckin’ cold. The low tonight is 31, so it’s really not going to be much warmer than that at 8 a.m. when the race starts. I think this will help me as long as it’s not too windy.

There’s going to be an actual baton. I don’t know why that surprises me. I guess I just thought the formality of the baton-pass was reserved for professional relays. I hope I don’t fuck up!

relay fail


Have you ever done a relay? Any tips? (Bonus points for any clever baton-in-the-ass jokes.)



3 thoughts on “a little pre-relay stream of consciousness

  1. No. I’ve never run a relay. I don’t play well with others. I just came to chastise your 31 degrees. I don’t even know what 31 degrees means!

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