Training for nothing, week 0.5

Full disclosure: I know there are bloggers out there who are training for marathons, ultras, Ironmans and other endurance events and they might on the surface seem a lot more interesting and impressive, but I’m hoping you’ll stick around as I piddle about doing single-digit runs on the treadmill and stroller workout classes because you are in love with my winning personality.

So this week’s post has been festering in my drafts for three four days now because I couldn’t come up with a way to make what I did seem blogworthy, but then I read a post by my friend Milfy and I remembered it doesn’t have to be interesting as long as you include a gratuitous shot of your butt.



I had another kinda bunk running week. My knees started to feel wonky, so instead of trying to push it with a long run, I did a shorter hill workout on the treadmill Saturday and took Sunday off altogether.

I’m also getting over a cold that the baby was gracious enough to bring home and share with the whole family. OH, SHE’S FINE. How she gets a sniffle and I get the Bubonic plague, I’ll never understand.


You don’t wanna know where these hands have been.

Luckily my husband’s work stocks a first-aid chest with some kind of trucker meth cold medicine and it beat the cold right out of me. And since I’m in training for nothing, my mileage from week to week really doesn’t matter except that I fell drastically short of that arbitrary number I like to see in my training log.

Monday 6/10/2013 AM strollerfit (1) + PM 4 treadmill 5
Tuesday 6/11/2013 750 yard swim 0
Wednesday 6/12/2013 treadmill + stroller 3.5
Thursday 6/13/2013 AM strollerfit + PM 6 (1stroller/5solo) 6
Friday 6/14/2013 AM 8 outside @ 9:12 avg 8
Saturday 6/15/2013 AM 3.3 treadmill hills @ 9:05 avg 3.3
Sunday 6/16/2013 REST 0 Total: 25.8

Drastically short.

Anyway, as I sit drinking this Triton Rail Splitter IPA (A+!) and watching the Cubs hand another one over to St. Louis (F-), I’m planning an early long run tomorrow, one that will probably consist of me running with Kenzie in the stroller for as long as she’ll tolerate (meaning, until the Cheerios run out) and then as many more solo miles as I can tolerate, which I’m hoping will be in the double digits.

With trucker meth cold medicine, anything is possible.

on meth copy


8 thoughts on “Training for nothing, week 0.5

  1. Also, kiddy-incubated viruses are the worst. I’ve had one for what feels like a month now. Will try to track down some trucker meth meds of my own.

  2. My kids NEVER get me sick. But your ass is way more luscious than mine. You could also do some used running gear giveaways. Speaking of which…why haven’t you entered my latest giveaway? This time it’s for NEW free shit. I’m trying to buy friends now.

    And that last image disrupted my family’s movie night. Guess I shouldn’t be online laughing when I’m supposed to be bonding.

    • But you’ve started a movement! People everywhere will be posting pictures of their asses online! #OPERATIONASSPICS. Good Morning America, here you come!

  3. Your personality is winning.

    Your running is way more aggressive than mine. I go to the gym, run for 40 minutes, go home. I don’t even write it down. I suppose I should train for something, but it’s hot and I don’t wanna.

  4. Hell, I’m training for an ultra and I find my training too boring to write about. At least you make your non-training more interesting. 🙂

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