Training for nothing, week 1.5

I did a pretty sweet job of training for nothing last week!

Me too!

Me too!

Nah…I’m laid back about running when I’m out of town. If I have the time and a safe place to do it, I’ll go. Otherwise, I don’t stress about missing a day. Also it makes me feel a little guilty to leave the baby with my in-laws so that I can go out and do my hobby that just happens to take place at the crack of dawn. (I’m much more willing to inconvenience my own family members.) But after eating ballpark food, drinking beer all day and staying up late, I was in no shape to do a long run on Sunday, so I ended up with another 20-something mile week.

Monday 6/17/2013 treadmill 3.3 hills + 2 hard 5.3
Tuesday 6/18/2013 1500 yard swim 0
Wednesday 6/19/2013 AM 2stroller/2.5solo, 750 yd swim + PM 1 mi + weights 5.5
Thursday 6/20/2013 AM strollerfit 0
Friday 6/21/2013 4.2 stroller/4solo 8.2
Saturday 6/22/2013 4.4 Prairie Path 4.4
Sunday 6/23/2013 REST 0 TOTAL: 23.2
I'm enthralled, I swear.

Please go on about your training, I’m enthralled.

But after wrapping up Chicago Irresponsibility Fest ’13, I buckled down and got right back to the grind: nine miles yesterday and seven today because fuck it, that’s why! I decided this week I’m just going to throw caution to the wind and pile on all the mileage I can.

Let me know how that works out for you.

Let me know how that works out for you.


4 thoughts on “Training for nothing, week 1.5

  1. My in-laws are much more understanding of my silly hobby than my actual family so when I visit them I actually get to run.

    I’m glad my kid isn’t the only one sitting in her toy basket.

    • Yeah, but if anybody so much as breathes on HER CHAIR, she will get out of the toy basket and come over and push them away from it. And then she’ll go back to the basket.

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