Training for nothing, week 2.5

Last week I started dreaming of marathons again. It happens every time I have a good week. Then a bad week usually snaps me back to reality.


By virtue of some nice weather, double run days and just sheer fucking luck, I ran 50 miles.

Monday 6/24/2013 REST 0
Tuesday 6/25/2013 1.5 stroller/7.4 solo 8.9
Wednesday 6/26/2013 AM strollerfit + PM 10k 7
Thursday 6/27/2013 AM 1 stroller/4 solo + PM 1stroller/4 treadmill 10
Friday 6/28/2013 AM 1 stroller 4.5 solo + PM 1.2 and weights 6.7
Saturday 6/29/2013 LSD @ 9:13 avg 13
Sunday 6/30/2013 recovery run 4.4 Total: 50

(Yes, I intentionally ran 4.4 miles on Sunday to make exactly 50 for the week because sometimes shit like that is important.)

Also, when I run twice in a day, I don’t shower in between. It just seems pointless.


Smelly or otherwise, it was probably the best running week of my life. Nothing hurt, the weather was beautiful and I didn’t ruin it by doing any stupid tempos or hills.

This week’s going alright so far too, but I’m not gunning for 50 miles again. It was fun and it made me feel all accomplishy, but it was cutting into my drinking time.

drinking time


4 thoughts on “Training for nothing, week 2.5

  1. Great job nailing exactly 50!! Precision counts double in the game of life. Just be careful…too much running makes your boobs disappear. Oh, and I come here expecting #asspics and #inspirational stories about #motherhood. Get on it.

    • They alreaday look all sad and deflated from the breastfeeding, if they get any smaller they’ll be concave. #joysofmotherhood #deflatedballoonsofglory

  2. Damn girl you’re putting me to shame. I am “training” for two half marathons within the next two months, and I haven’t cracked 20 miles in one week since Ragnar. Oops.

  3. I drove at least 50 for beer! They should have some kind of liquor store marathon–totally just brainstorming now.

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