training for something, sort of

Yeah so, I have a biiiiiig 5 mile race coming up (in October) but since I don’t want to burn out, I’m not going to start training for it until about September 22. Until then, I’m going to keep doing shit that looks like this:

Monday 7/1/2013 Strollerfit 0
Tuesday 7/2/2013 AM 2stroller/7solo outside @ 9:13 avg. 9
Wednesday 7/3/2013 AM strollerfit + PM 5 5
Thursday 7/4/2013 AM 4 stroller/6solo @ 9:45 avg 10
Friday 7/5/2013 4.5 shakeout 4.5
Saturday 7/6/2013 2stroller/8 solo @9:34 avg 10
Sunday 7/7/2013 REST 0 38.5

Ooooh, what’s strollerfit??

I think I’ve only mentioned it in passing, but basically Strollerfit it’s the yuppiest thing on the planet. I meet up with a bunch of other stay-at-home-mom types and we do strength work with intervals of jogging and then our kids get to play together.


Strollerfit is so metal.

I’ve only been going for a few weeks, but it’s pretty fun and it encourages me do all the stuff I hate, like push-ups and lunges. Also, Kenzie gets to have her special toddler interaction time, which I’m told is important if you don’t want your kids to grow up and be awkward.


Some bullet points about last week’s running (for Lisa, who loves bullet points!)

  • I took a full rest day last week, which I don’t always do. I rest when I need to, but I don’t carve a designated rest day into my schedule.
  • I wanted to do 13 or 14 Saturday but I had a birthday party and some beer shenanigans and I ran out of time. The best excuses always involve beer.
  • It’s been years since I did a 20+ mile run, so I’m making that one of my short-term goals. I’m generally not a big fan of goals aside from the obvious: PR at races, don’t get hurt. But since I haven’t found any good (Sunday) fall marathon options, this is something that will help me stay focused.

Do you have any big deal races coming up? What’s the yuppiest thing you’ve ever done? 


5 thoughts on “training for something, sort of

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  2. well I’m literally a young (30 is young damnit) urban professional, so my entire existence is pretty yuppie. But in about three hours, I’ll be able to tell you about that time I went stand-up paddleboarding. Oh and in a couple weeks, I’m doing yoga ON Wrigley Field. (Sponsored by Lulu of course! It’s free, don’t judge.)

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