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In case anybody gives a shit, has THE most comprehensive race calendar in the whole state of Indiana. It’s fantastic because A) it’s not limited to races THEY sponsor, and B) it’s not all convoluted with ads and horseshit like

So I actually found three Sunday races I didn’t know about: a 4 miler, a 5k and a trail marathon (or half) in Battle Ground, Indiana (SO METAL) at the end of September.

The first two are no-brainers but I have to think really hard about the trail race.


I thought so hard I broke my taco!

Can I realistically be ready for a trail marathon in two months? Do I really want to get up at the buttcrack and drive the fuck out to Battle Ground, Indiana? Am I going to have to buy new shoes? My feet haven’t touched a trail in months. And I haven’t run more than a half marathon in years. YEARS.

But last week was a good week.

I ran 47 miles and ended with a tough 14 that I had to split up because of a scheduling mishap (my own).

Monday 7/8/2013 treadmill 4
Tuesday 7/9/2013 4 stroller/6 solo @ 9:40 avg 10
Wednesday 7/10/2013 treadmill 4 @ 8:45 avg 4
Thursday 7/11/2013 AM strollerfit + PM treadmill 5 @ 8:26 avg 5
Friday 7/12/2013 AM stroller jog + 1000 yard swim 3
Saturday 7/13/2013 AM 7 @ 9:11 avg 7
Sunday 7/14/2013 AM 6 stroller + PM 8 solo 14 47

And I guess since the week’s almost over, I may as well share the important details of this week’s training. Then maybe next week I’ll spare you the training report altogether.

Monday 7/15/2013 REST 0
Tuesday 7/16/2013 3 stroller/7 treadmill 10
Wednesday 7/17/2013 treadmill 4.5
Thursday 7/18/2013 AM Strollerfit + PM treadmill 4.6 @ 8:30 4.6
Friday 7/19/2013 2.5 stroller/7.5 treadmill @ 8:40 avg 10
Saturday 7/20/2013
Sunday 7/21/2013 29.1

Treadmill, treadmill, treadmill. I’m not going to say it’s been hot. It’s been fucking hot all over the country and the last thing we all need is another smug person on the internet acting like they’re all heroic for being alive during a heat wave.

Because I don't know what else to put right here.

Because I don’t know what else to put here.

Tomorrow’s the Microbrewer’s Fest, so I’m going to do a short shakeout run in the morning and…see what happens on Sunday.

And I thought I’d try my hand at this whole crowd-sourcing-major-life-decisions-on-the-internet thing: should I run a trail marathon in two months or play it safe and do the half? (And when you’re answering, pretend you LIKE me.)


13 thoughts on “training, last week and decisions, this week

    • It’s supposedly relatively flat for a trail race! I do have some trails near my house but my jogging stroller isn’t all-terrain. #motherrunnerproblems =(

  1. Half. Don’t be a typical mommy running blogger and take on something that will fuck you up good for a long time so you can bitch about it on the blog until fucking Christmas. Be different. Be smart.

  2. Run the trail marathon. Remember you get to walk the hills if it’s on trails. Also, trail shoes are a good idea if the trails are technical. If it’s more of a path versus trail, then road shoes should be fine.

    • WHY DO YOU HATE ME. =)
      I’ve never had any trail shoes that I was in love with but these trails aren’t supposed to be too technical, I probably wouldn’t need a rock plate or anything crazy. It would be fun to try the trail version of the kinvaras though. (Saucony? Are you reading this?)

  3. Do the trail marathon! It sounds like an adventure. Although now I am cracking up at MILF Runner’s comment too.

  4. Okay, in a rare “do as I say, not as I do” moment, I’m going to try to be the voice of reason here. Can you do it? Sure. Should you do it? Probably not. Even an easy, not too technical trail race is going to take you longer than it would take you to cover that distance on roads. My vote is no…. which probably means you’ll do it anyway and run it in like 2:30 and be all “bitch said I couldn’t; that’ll show her” and I’ll hate you forever.

  5. Anything over a 1/2 is just beyond my comprehension, but you have some nice mileage going on here, so I say go for it.

    I hate! There is a MN specific race site that looks like some kid in 8th grade programming class put together, but it’s blocked at work. WTF.

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