weekend beer funsies

Yeah, so thanks for all your bad advice but I’m not doing the full marathon.

full retard

I’m going half retard and really, the deciding factor was the drive home. Since I’m not a big enough jerk to make my husband and baby come along with me to the race, I have to drive my own damn self and I’m not sure I’d be able to do it after a marathon. I still want to run 26 miles, I’d just like to do it a little closer to home.

We had a great time at the Microbrewer’s Fest! A bunch of us threw in 20 bucks and rented a party bus because, safety first!

imagejpeg_2 (1)

I get the feeling this fleet is used more often for bachelor parties than beer fests, but the stripper pole made it extra festive.


I have to make sure all my twitter friends know about this.

I really don’t have any helpful or valuable information about the actual brewfest…it was pretty good?

pretty good

I don’t ever remember to takes notes or photos at these things because come on. But one of the beers I do remember liking was the Eastern Front Russian Imperial Pilsner from New Albanian.

Most of the local breweries go all out to bring unique and interesting stuff that’s not otherwise available, but I was really disappointed in Three Floyds. I love their beer and have queefed and drooled over them on this blog more times than I can count, but they just don’t give a shit about the brewer’s fest. They weren’t ready to start pouring on time and only had their standard offerings anyway (Dreadnaught, Gumball Head, Alpha King, Zombie Dust, yawn). When I asked if they were going to have any t-shirts for sale, I was told they weren’t allowed to bring merchandise because their managers don’t trust them. The guy also complained to me that there was some kind of mix-up at the hotel and they were forced to pay for their own rooms. Okay, I am more than willing to listen to you bitch about your miserable job of pouring beer at a brew fest all day (you poor, poor thing) BUT ONLY IF YOU’RE POURING ME BEER.

On Sunday, we recovered. I ran six miles with Kenzie in the stroller and then spent the afternoon letting her dump water on me from the kiddie pool.


Next I’ll let you massage my bunions, darling!


10 thoughts on “weekend beer funsies

  1. The Three Floyds people always crack me up at beer tests… a bunch of leather surrounded by laid back people. 🙂

    • HA!! I’ve only seen them when it’s 90 degrees out and not at all conducive to leather. I do still love their beer though so I can forgive them for being aloof.

  2. You’re such a pussy. Of course, in my experience beer CONNOISSEURS tend to be pussies. I drove myself home from my first marathon. It was hours. And it was a stick shift. And I drank Meister Brau. This blog is really going downhill. I come here for inspiration AND THIS IS WHAT I GET????

    Although the party bus was brilliant.

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