so, my shin hurts and if you tell me you saw this coming I’ll eat your face


Things have been going incredibly well for me all summer. I’ve been running obnoxiously high mileage (for me) without so much as a twinge of pain. Then I sign up for a race and everything goes to shit.

It happened during the last mile of today’s second run. I was tired, but I was chugging along pretty well until I felt a sudden sharp pain in the lower part of my shin like I’ve never felt in my life. I realize I sound a little melodramatic and the reason for that is fuck you.

I’ve never had a stress fracture so I really have no business diagnosing myself with one, and I hope I’m wrong. But I’ve never felt pain quite like this.

MID-POST QUESTION IN BOLD: Shouldn’t there have been some warning?? According to Daily Mile, I felt a little shin splinty 16 days ago after wearing flip-flops, but I did not feel what I’d call pain. I iced it a little and the next day it felt fine. I’ve jacked up my mileage recently, but I didn’t think I was pushing it too hard. I felt incredible! SO WHAT THE SHIT.

Anyway, if it still hurts tomorrow (and I can’t imagine that it won’t), I’ll see my sports physician. In the meantime, I’m crawling into a bottle of vodka.



16 thoughts on “so, my shin hurts and if you tell me you saw this coming I’ll eat your face

  1. This happened to me, too. No real advance warning them BAM. Also during mileage buildup.

    Best advice given to me: lie down with your foot in the air, pointed at the ceiling. Moving your foot at the ankle, “write” out of the alphabet. Helped me tons.

  2. It’s probably all in your head. Like phantom pains before a big race. Drink enough vodka to forget and you’ll be fiiiiiine.

    Source: I’m a Doctor of Suckitupbuttercup

    • Yeah, my normal strategy is to run 10 miles and see if it goes away, but last night I couldn’t even walk (and that was BEFORE the vodka). Maybe if I take a picture of it and post it on Instagram to get some more feedback, I can avoid seeing a doctor??

  3. You and me both sister. I registered for my fall 1/2 and the next day felt a weirdness in my outer knee. I’ve been led to believe its a tight IT band, but efff.

    Are you due for new shoes? I get shin aches when I need new shoes. I know ache =/= pain.

    • Sucks, brah!

      I’m at about 250 miles on both pairs of shoes, but I have an appt with a new sports med doc, so hopefully he’ll be good and talk to me about all of that and how to make sure I don’t do this to myself again.

  4. Ughhh!! If it’s bad enough that you’d admit it to us in a post, that means do not get any bright ideas like “run 10 miles through it in hopes that it will magically disappear.” I’ve had a few sharp pains in the past that I was really concerned were stress fractures (since I had no idea what one felt like), but they turned out to just be some really stressed out muscles (either strains or in spasm) and it was fixable with heat, trigger point therapy and/or new shoes. Hope that is the case for you. And dude. This kind of shit always seems like it comes with no warning, but whatever happened today IS the warning. If you were stupid, you’d blow it off and run on it tomorrow. Just be smart about it and try not to panic. (I always panic. But a good dose of melodrama and “proactiveness” over your pains can keep you healthy in the long run, right?)

    • Ha, yeah exactly! It’s bad enough to admit it. And I couldn’t run even if I were stupid enough to want to attempt it. But you do make me feel better with your “this is the warning!” warning. I did some retarded swimming today and I’m staying off it until I see a doctor friend. But I am still panicking. =)

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