The last 8 days in not running

Yeah, so if you don’t read my blog regularly (and I don’t blame you), I hurt my leg last week and I posted some crybaby bullshit about it, but I’m feeling much better.


My shin hurt around the clock for a couple days, long enough to scare the shit out of me. I did a lot of laps in the pool and whined and cursed and generally made life miserable for everyone around me.

What I just told you, in spreadsheet form.

What I just told you, in spreadsheet form.

So I’m running again, timidly, and so far I’ve had no pain. I couldn’t get an appointment with the sports MD until August 5, at which point I will have already declared myself cured and started working on my next injury. But I’m keeping the appointment because maybe he’ll teach me some things about not beating my shins all to shit. And because I’m delicate.


In spite of my crash and burn, July was a record month for me. I ran 156 miles, including five 10-mile runs, a 12, a 14; and I ran with the jogging stroller 18 times. I feel confident in saying that thing will have paid for itself long before the wheels fall off (of me, figuratively or the stroller, literally). I also made a lot of smug remarks about running all the miles and never taking any rest days. That’ll teach me.


Most underrated movie ever.

I’m continuing to be cautious. I’m dialing back my casual training plan and taking it to a whole new level of casual: swimming, calf-strengthening exercises in front of the TV, some light jogging and maybe a long run if I feel like it.

It’s gonna be fucking epic.


I rainbowtized my bookshelf. Turns out I’ve got loads of spare time when I’m not running.



15 thoughts on “The last 8 days in not running

  1. As you know, I hate running. But have you met Shaun T? He’s a total asshole!

    Another question since you know everything. I’m 41, always been an athlete, so I know about being sore when doing a new exercise. I’ve been regularly exercising and lost a bunch of weight. But my body hurts every day now, like “not sore b/c I haven’t done this exercise in a while” hurts, but really just hurts. I try to mix up the routines a bit to rest, but I need the calorie burn so I can keep drinking beer (you for sure feel that pain).

    Dr. Phil, can you solve my problem? I don’t want to gain back the weight.

    • Oooh, who’s Shaun T?? And you should know by now that I am a wreck and unqualified to solve anyone’s problems! I diagnose myself using the internet and I treat all ailments with beer and compression socks. (Sorry I don’t have an affiliate link for you to click!)

      • Shaun T is the “Insanity” guy. My brother moved to MN a few months ago. The prior homeowners (smartly) left behind the entire DVD Insanity course. He gave to me. It’s fucking horrible. What he calls a warm up is half a workout. Nice guy but a dick for that!

      • Ah, well, there’s your problem! Work out like a normal person: 30 minutes of thrashing around on the elliptical and 45 minutes in the hot tub. 4 beers. Lather, rinse, repeat.

      • Ooooo…N-U-U-N and overtraining WITH A STROLLER. I’m planning a giveaway that’s right up your alley. But winning it will require entering it which will require opening my blog and then leaving a comment, something only Ukrainian porn-seekers and Coach Dion seem to do lately.

  2. I actually wore out my stroller tires well ahead of schedule, that’s how I know I got my money’s worth. The best part is that BOB replaced them for free since the stroller wasn’t that old. The double stroller still has visible tread on the tires. I hate that thing so much. Twice a week is about all I want to see of that thing.

    This comment got off track.

    Um, yay even more casual training? Don’t wreck yo self.

    • I don’t blame you, I pushed a friend’s double stroller for like 3.5 seconds and I wanted to die. THAT should be one of those hokey theme 5Ks, actually. All the moms sit around and drink beer while stupid people pay us 50 bucks to do a 5k with our jogging strollers. And maybe just for fun, we shoot paintballs at them.

  3. Sorry you’ve been dealing with injuries… You must be going out of your skull! My wife would kill me and my grumpy butt if I got stranded on injury island.

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