some training thoughts

Yeah so, my long-awaited appointment with the sports MD was Monday (August 5) but I was a no-show. I KNOW. I’d like to blame the baby waking me up at 5 a.m., being tired and having all kinds of #zombiemomproblems, but I was really just stupid and mixed up the dates. Whomp, as the kids are saying?

Anyway, I feel fine so I’m not going to reschedule until probably my leg falls off and then I’ll whine more and everybody will be all like I told you so! and I’ll be like, what?

what-LilJohnI’m now hypersensitive to anything going on in the shin area, and as a result I am constantly trying to determine whether something feels uncomfortable, painful or normal and I’m just conjuring up psychosomatic/phantom pains because I’m a basket case. Since my leg felt fine until it didn’t, I’m not all that confident in the #LISTN2URBODY method, but it probably wouldn’t hurt to keep listening.

I did 27 miles last week with no pain, so I was feeling brave and inspirational until suddenly (Tuesday at 3 a.m.) I felt a little random shin fuckery again. This was vexing because A) I hadn’t gone running in two days and B) I HADN’T GONE RUNNING IN TWO DAYS. So I dialed shit back again just to be safe.

Monday 8/5/2013 5 jog 5
Tuesday 8/6/2013 3.5 stroller jog township park 3.5
Wednesday 8/7/2013 2.2 stroller/4 solo 6.2
Thursday 8/8/2013 REST 0
Friday 8/9/2013 Katy Trail 8
Saturday 8/10/2013 Katy Trail 5
Sunday 8/11/2013 REST 0 week: 27.7
Monday 8/12/2013 REST 0
Tuesday 8/13/2013 WEIGHTS/1 1
Wednesday 8/14/2013 1 stroller/4 treadmill hills 4
Thursday 8/15/2013 about 6 outside garminless 6
Friday 8/16/2013 7 with 3 @ 8:30 7
Saturday 8/17/2013
Sunday 8/18/2013 week: 18

But I’ve felt fine ever since so I’m just going to keep things casual and probably put off a long run until next week.

I’ve got a little over a month until the half marathon and although this training cycle hasn’t gone according to even my non-plan, I think I can still pull a decent race out of my ass. I had a good base of 30 and 40 mile weeks before the “injury” but I think I’ll feel better psychologically if I can get in one more long run (like, 10+).

I’ll probably taper a bit more this time than I did for my last half, only because I really don’t trust my shins 100% and because I expect a trail race to be more difficult. (It fucking better be, anyway.) They haven’t posted an elevation chart but this is supposed to be one of the flatter trail races that Planet Adventure hosts.

I also really need to run on some, um, actual trails.

face palm

9 thoughts on “some training thoughts

  1. I’m going through the same “is it injured/how much is in my head/what is normal” mindfuck. I think the longer taper is a good idea, rest really is all you can do for most shin pains. My leg pain is more in my calf than my shin, but I’ll pass along what my genius sports massage person recommended anyway: she said to hang out in compression socks, but not sleep in them. Maybe you’re already doing that but either way, it can’t hurt.

    • Yes, a mindfuck! I’m wearing the CEPs like a security blanket. And NO MORE FLIP FLOPS. Which breaks my heart because I have the most adorable feet. (HA NO.)

      • I switched to Birkenstocks last year because of my bunion and they are really supportive and comfortable. And people can still see your feet. And they offer you pot.

  2. I think you’ll surprise yourself in the half. Don’t overtrain. Risk under training instead. Get some more hill repeats or speed work in there instead of more miles.

    But what do I know? I’m just a fattypumbalatty who doesn’t even run anymore.

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