my happy place (the oh, so important weekly training report)

Last week I ran 42 miles, did a teensy weensy bit of speed work and even managed to do a proper trail run AND a hill workout on the treadmill. It was a good week of trail race training and a GREAT week of not running in circles on the YMCA trail, which was getting a little tedious.


Here’s the long version in case you want to just scroll past it to the pictures.

Monday: I got to run 10 miles all by myself without the stroller because my parents were in town to watch Kenzie. I think they prefer it when I’m not there to hover over them and make sure they are playing with her exactly the way I play with her.

Tuesday: I went out to Eagle Creek Park with my long lost buddy Kate and we did a really good hour-long trail run, I’m guessing about six miles. Afterward (and this is unrelated to my training), we went to a dive bar across the street and drank Fire Rock Pale Ale from Kona Brewing and shots of Fireball Whisky. Completely coincidental on all the fire names, but so, so right.



Wednesday : I lifted weights at the gym in the morning. I’m still trying to stick with my at-least-two-non-running-workouts-a-week if for no other reason than it forces me to spend half an hour of my free time giving my legs a break from running. But I still can’t make a lifting workout last more than half an hour. IT’S BORING. On Wednesday afternoon I did a 5k time trial on the treadmill and finished in 24:19, which pleased me.

Thursday: I jogged to the gym with Kenzie, dropped her off at the child care and did four miles of level 10 hills on the treadmill at about 8:50 pace, pretending that was my goal half marathon pace. But if this race has level 10 hills, I’ll be happy with 9:30s.

Friday: I went to my strollerfit group in the morning and then ran about 4.5 miles in the afternoon. According to Daily Mile, my abs were still sore from Wednesday’s workout. Nothing else noteworthy happened.

Saturday: I ran three with the stroller, then dropped the kid off and did another seven by myself. This was really the only day I had to do circles around the Y trail. I wanted to do 12 miles but around my 4th circle I made a calculated decision to quit at 10. I celebrated my good decision with a bloody mary.

Sunday: I ran three slow miles with the stroller.

So, I like what I did last week but more importantly I like how I felt: 42 miles was a lot more manageable for me than 50 miles and allowed me to do those varied workouts without feeling wrecked by Jesus at the end of the week.

wrecked by jesus

Jesus gave me shin splints.

My ideal week would be another one just like this with 12 miles early on Saturday. (And two bloody marys instead of one.)


10 thoughts on “my happy place (the oh, so important weekly training report)

  1. Does your stroller fit group suck or is it actually a good workout? I have negative mental connotations about those kind of things.

    • Ha, I did too! Seems like such a yuppie mom thing to do but I really enjoy it in spite of myself. It varies by who is leading it, but there’s one girl who always kicks my ass. (I don’t know about other areas, but ours is just local so we don’t follow any kind of a structured program.) And it’s been nice to meet some other moms with kids that are Kenzie’s age.

  2. I’m sorry weight lifting is boring. I UNDERSTAND. I was a cardio junkie and it felt like such a waste of time. But after several injuries I’ve realized just how important strength training is for overall balance in the body. Especially for runners! You just need to find weight lifting you like! Have you ever talked to @WorkoutNirvana? Suzanne is great! She created plans for me so that I wasn’t bored.

    • I really ONLY like running so everything else feels like punishment to me. But you’re right and preventing injury/running better is the best reason for doing it. I’ll check her out!

  3. BRB…calling my therapist for some EMDR. Eagle Creek Park flashbacks. And traumatic experiences involving a keg and the Days Inn.

    But I swear that in the selfie you look totally like you could have been on #teamlemonade rocking a sparkly skirt at #nuunhtc. You look so fucking perky.

  4. #drunkfluential is the best! And I highly approve of running and then drinking. That is seriously the way to get it done.

    I have serious mileage envy here. I am simultaneously enjoying making excuses about not running as much and feeling guilty about it.

    I have conditioned myself to enjoy weight lifting – but most of my workouts are 20-25 minutes long. I, personally, think that’s ideal because I can still squeeze in a run if I feel up to it.

    • I know dude, that post-baby transition period is a bitch, but you’ll get it back. (I only have one kid but my experience of getting back into running after that one kid was a bitch. SCIENTIFIC PROOF!)

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