last month, last week and last night in review

I have some cute baby photos down at the bottom of this but first you have to glaze over my training report and pretend to like it.

August was a rebuilding month. I spent the first two weeks cautiously conditioning and keeping my mileage on the low end and the last two weeks cautiously conditioning and getting my mileage back up into the “preferred weekly mileage” territory.

I ended up with 138 miles, which is pretty fair. For comparison:

March 148.72
April 141.4
May 127.98
June 147.2
July 156.9 < — hurt mahself, LOL
August 138.7

I made it through the month without having any more scary pain (a few non-scary twinges here and there but nothing that made me go OH FUCK STRESS FRACTURE).

Sidenote: last August was the first time I ever broke 100 miles, so happy 100mileversary to meeee in rainbow colors!!!!


Last week I ran 41 miles, including a trail run, a treadmill progression run, a couple of hilly stroller runs and that nine mile death march I told you about on Saturday.

Monday 8/26/2013 AM Strollerfit + PM 5 (400/800/1200/800) @ 8:37 avg 5
Tuesday 8/27/2013 AM 1 stroller/6 solo + PM weights 7
Wednesday 8/28/2013 ECP trail run 5
Thursday 8/29/2013 2 stroller/6 TM progression @ 8:40 avg 8
Friday 8/30/2013 Strollerfit 0
Saturday 8/31/2013 4 stroller/5 solo death march @ 9:50 avg 9
Sunday 9/1/2013 AM stroller 4 @ 9:30 avg + PM stroller 3 7 week: 41

I’m happy to report that the day after the death march was much, much better. I still didn’t get my 12 miles, but I did two stroller runs with Kenzie and felt so astonishingly better, I almost forgot about the death march. And I still have a month before the race, so I’m not flipping out.

Yesterday, I was all set to tell you guys how Kenzie had a much better night and was in a really good mood all day and even took a 2+ hour nap, which hasn’t happened in weeks. But I’m glad I held off because after that we had another rough night and I wouldn’t want to post anything unnecessarily optimistic on this blog.

trying to cry

She was up from midnight to 1 a.m., and then a few other times, she just let out this long, loud scream (in her sleep, I think) and went right back to bed. She was up for good at 5:30 this morning but since I went to bed at 9:30 myself, I feel like I actually got a full night of sleep. I put her in bed with me and we watched some tah-toons and everything was fine.

I think if I just lower the bar as far as sleep expectations go and resign myself to not sleeping, everything will seem more manageable. I thought I was entitled to more sleep, but it turns out I’m not! And like Kelly said a while back, Nobody cares if you’re tired. We’re all tired.


And now as promised, here are some pictures of Kenzie pretending to be all sweet and innocent.






Spinning pennies. It’s the only way we can ever finish a drink.

What did you do for Labor Day? Did you go to a fucking barbecue? PLEASE TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT.


12 thoughts on “last month, last week and last night in review

  1. Nice way to finish out the month! Are you going with “more than 150 miles” is bad? Or do you think it’s a fluke? The best part of this equation is that your highest miles were in the middle of the freaking summer. Maybe it’s because I live on the sun, but that seems badass to me.

    I DID go to a BBQ. Yay for getting out of the house. We get together friends almost every holiday. It works because they live a mile away and have kids roughly the same age. The kids play, we eat/drink, and then everyone passes out happy. Otherwise, it was the longest holiday weekend ever.

    • Thank you! I either got in over my head trying to pile on all the miles or the injury had been cooking for a while and I just didn’t notice it. I think staying in the 40-45/week range is more manageable for me. DUDE, the weather here has been unbelievable all summer. Last week it was brutally hot, but we’ve been lucky here. Otherwise all of of this would have been on the treadmill.
      I’d love to have more friends nearby with kids who are my daughter’s age, especially friends who like to eat, drink and pass out!

  2. I don’t get how kids can function on little sleep but we (adults and/or parents) simply cannot. It is a mystery. Hopefully she will get back to a better schedule soon? I know nothing about kids and sleep, so this could be a very ridiculous statement 🙂 Nice mileage! Glad your leg is doing better and not giving you any more problems! (I didn’t go to a fucking barbecue).

    • ha, not ridiculous! She does get cranky and loopy when she’s tired, but still manages to function (as long as she gets whatever she wants). It’s a mystery to me too!

  3. I was supposed to go visit friends in Texas for Labor Day but then my sister shit out a baby and I decided to stick around to congratulate her for growing a person and then make fun of her because she’s fat.

    Imma good sister.

  4. I celebrated Labor Day with a 10 mile run on the lakefront. We made sausages for dinner but we were too lazy to head down a flight of stairs and grill them in our building’s backyard. Labor Day fail. I did drink some beer though.

    • For some reason this made me think of that movie Idle Hands, where he uses the stick the try to grab the remote off the table because he’s too lazy to lean over and pick it up. If you haven’t seen it, it’s terrible.

  5. Accept..don’t expect. Like fucking Yoda, I am.

    Nice running. YOU’RE AN ANIMAL.

    I spent Labor Day: at Disneyland partly taking secret photos of the multiple man-hole-sized #SHINY medal-wearing #OMGDUMBSHITDOUBLEDARE runners posing for the park photographers while strutting around on stiff, compression-encased legs in 95 degree heat and partly enjoying the #OMGHAPPINESS with my family and driving 8 hours home after spending all day there. With a car full of tired, junk-fooded-out kids. And no mind-altering substances to soften the blow. I know you wish you were me.

  6. I wasn’t sure if I know what “oh shit, stress fracture” felt like until I actually got one a few weeks ago. Turns out, it’s more distinct from other running pain than I expected. That means I’m not running the Indy half marathon in October, but my husband and my bff are doing the full. Have you ever done that race? If so, I’m curious what you think of it.

    • Yes! That’s the one at Ft. Ben, right? I think I’ve done it twice (back before I started blogging!). It’s a little hilly but really pretty and from what I remember well staffed and organized. The park is gorgeous in the fall.
      SUCKS about your stress fracture, sounds like you’re being smart about healing. (I still don’t know what happened to me, I was shocked when it stopped hurting after a couple of days.)

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