STRATEGERY! (that 10k race report)

Sorry I can’t manage to put together a race report in a reasonable amount of time. I’ll make it up to you by giving you the delicious stats in the VERY FIRST PARAGRAPH: I ran a very small 10K on Saturday in 49:24, PRed and finished first in my age group and 3rd female overall. I got a $50 gift card to a running store!


Now let’s go to Tangentina!

So, my running coach (because why not, everybody’s got one!) recently got onto me for “not realizing my full potential.”



I think she also called me a pussy and a bitch, but I know she meant it affectionately.

Yeah so, I know I’m self-deprecating, but am I self-deprecating in that annoying way that “skinny runners” are when they say they’ve got flabby abs and fat thighs, when it’s obvious they know they don’t? Because I don’t want to be that totallyhypotheticaliswearidontmeananyskinnyrunnerinparticular blogger. I just genuinely don’t think I’m fast. In big, competitive races, I am middle-of-the-pack. In small, not competitive races with only 80 other runners, I can sometimes run fast enough to place.

Another side note: I really need to stop asking you people for racing advice. Because what happens is that I agree with every single one of you and it doesn’t help me make a decision. I SHOULD run the 5K, I’m not a pussy! Old people really do wake up early, I should do the half marathon! The 10K is a no-brainer!

Looking back, I really did want to do the 10K all along. I wasn’t ready to race a half marathon, so it essentially would have been a $65 training run. And I still stand by my earlier remarks about not being competitive enough to race a 5K.

Alrighty, back to the race report.

go time

Except there’s not much to say about this race. It was a quiet, solitary little run down county roads. I picked off a few people during the race, but not that many. And the only women ahead of me were WAY the fuck ahead of me. The girl who took 2nd place finished almost five minutes ahead of me, and the girl who took 1st was eight minutes ahead.


Final thoughts, future plans, denouement, sloppy kisses…

Judging by my splits, I know I went out too slow. There’s negative splitting, and then there’s starting out like a slug because you’re too timid to race. I’m not going to be too hard on myself, because I’m still being overly cautious about my shin, and this was a last-minute entry so I didn’t think much about how I wanted to race it. I thought maybe I’d try for 52 or 53 minutes. It wasn’t until right before the race that I decided fuck it, go for sub-50.

Several months ago, I perhaps could have finished closer to 48 minutes. In that relay I did last winter, I ran 6.9 in 55:11, but I TRAINED for that race with regular speed work and lower mileage weeks. And then at some point I decided I wanted to forego speed in order to run ALL THE MILES, which is likely what got me “injured.” C’est la vie.


But in the last couple of weeks, I think I’ve found a sweet spot: 40ish miles a week with some kind of longer/longish/mid-distance run on Saturday and at least one quality speed session during the week. My trail half marathon is in 10 days, so I’m probably going to do a few more days of hard work before doing taperish things.

Also worth noting(ish?): I PRed by more than 15 minutes. SERIOUSLY, the last time I raced a 10k was in 2009 when I still smoked! You should try it sometime. Smoke for a decade, do a 10K, quit smoking, and then do another 10K four years later. You’ll blow your doors off.*

*Yeah, I just advised you to take up smoking.


21 thoughts on “STRATEGERY! (that 10k race report)

  1. I am really impressed with how much faster you’ve gotten in a relatively short amount of time. I can’t imagine EVER running a sub-50 10K. It is really impressive, and all your running has really paid off. I also think you run so much you might as well do a marathon.

    • Thank you! I think you could do it, our 5k pace is about the same. I really need to get revenge on my one (awful) marathon, but I pussed out on that option for the trail race. Maybe next year!

  2. Sandbagging is a quality mental strategy, IMO, so if it ain’t broke…

    I mean, why the fuck aim high when you can keep expectations low, then actually enjoy your race because you’re outperforming them, and then spend the rest of the day patting yourself on the back after surprising yourself with 15 minutes worth of PR AND a $50 gift card? That sounded like a damn good day. And she’s right; you’re only just starting to tap into your potential, in my super professional opinion. So congrats & enjoy!!

  3. mmmm smoking.

    Nice job! You are fast and stop saying you aren’t. You have given me INSPIRATION to run a great 10k tonight. That’s right. I am running a 10k race on a Thursday.

  4. Calling yourself a middle of the pack-er is bullshit. You are roughly the speed I was 2 years ago and I was consistently in the top 15% of women finishers in all the races I ran…and they were all big ones. This includes 5K’s. I get it…setting your sights and expectations and exceeding them feels better than #DREAMINGBIG and then falling short. I tend to do that as well. At a certain point, though, it starts holding you back. You aren’t annoying about it…I just like giving you shit.

    I disagree somewhat with your statement about going out too slow. Yes, you probably could have gone out faster but you were experimenting with the 10K…it was not a pussy move. Going out conservatively and then crushing the fuck out of it is not a bad thing. You’d did good. *coach stamp of approval*

  5. Nice PR! I’ve placed in my age group at the local Turkey Trot with a 50-something minute 10K in the past. The medal was nice, but I’d need to be legitimately speedy to get the turkey.

    What kinda cigarettes do you suggest? Are there any that are safe for a BFing mom?

  6. Ugh, you make me want to run but I’m just entirely too fat for all that bullshit. Yet, you make it sound kind of awesome when I’m drunk and reading your blog posts. At the moment I mostly run to catch the bus. Or I just wait for the next bus.

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