I had a dream last night that I got lost during the trail race. The directional signs led me into buildings and down elevator shafts. I emerged onto a sidewalk to find the 13th mile marker even though I’d only gone a couple miles. Then a bunch of us were standing around an office–this is still during the race–waiting to print off 50 pages of course map so we could get back on track.

Then, this morning I got this email:



This is not my first trail race* and I’m not ordinarily an excitable person. I think I’m just nervous because I’m getting over an unjury (typo but it stays!), it’s been a while since I raced a half marathon and because I had a really, really shitty run yesterday that shattered my confidence.

Things I still need to do:

  • print directions to the battle ground (I don’t own a smartphone, fuck off)
  • trim my toenails
  • buy a rape horn

rape hornSo. I haven’t done a training report in a few weeks because every time I think about coming over here to recap my workouts I groan and roll my eyes. And when blogging starts to feel tedious, I JUST DON’T DO IT. (Novel concept, eh?)

Anyway, instead of copy/pasting the last few weeks worth of spreadsheet in here, I thought I’d just cover some of the ways I’ve been getting ready for this race (sand hill repeats not included).

Speed. I’ve added a little (and I mean VERY little) speed work back into my routine. Mostly wanna-be track workouts and some tempos:

My favorite thing to do is the 400/800/1200/800/400 with rest jogs of half the distance of the run. It’s helped ease me back into speed sessions.

Last week, I graduated myself up to 4×1600 (7:15, 7:04, 7:01, 7:05) with two minute rest/jogs in between. I don’t know how long you’re supposed to rest between miles, but even with the rest breaks, this about killed me.

Thursday I did a tempo (2 mile warm-up, 3 miles @ 7:50-8:00, 2 mile cool-down). And the aforementioned really, really shitty run was me trying to do that again yesterday. I warmed up in the 9:30s, ran two miles at around 8:30 (with my whole body screaming at me), then just gave up and jogged home. I’m hoping it was just a fluke.

Hills. I’ve been doing some stroller runs at some hillier parks. Only 3-4 miles at a time, but the hills + the stroller make me feel more confident that I’m getting in at least a little bit of trail race prep. Sunday, I parked the stroller at the bottom of one of these hills and did some repeats. Kenzie thought it was hysterical.

You're stupid, mommy.

You’re stupid, mommy.

Actual trails. I’ve been doing a trail run once a week, except last week I had to skip it because my husband was out of town for work and I didn’t have a babysitter, and because my trail buddy fell through a pool deck or something and hurt her leg. (Love you, Kate!)

One last long run. I ran 11 miles on Saturday at just over a 9:00 average. I didn’t feel like I was pushing myself too hard and I greedily wanted one more confidence building long run before the race.

Resting up. I’m not going to try to get revenge on that tempo today. Fuck it! I’m doing short, easy runs for the rest of the week. And pizza.

Not buying new shoes. In spite of the sand warning, I still plan to race in my Kinvaras. They have less than 400 miles on them and they’ve worked fine for my trail runs at Eagle Creek. I just hope it doesn’t rain

Trying not to over-think it. Even with a lot of hills, I think can probably finish in two hours, but I’ve never done a trail half marathon before so I don’t really have any goals beyond just finishing and not getting lost.

This is what happens when you don't respect the trails.

This is what happens when you don’t respect the trails.

*It’s my THIRD, lol.


12 thoughts on “nerves

  1. Dude! You’ve been training hard. I think your 1600’s might have been too fast and the bad run was your body hating you for it. Take it easy!

      • Well yeah, but after the 1600s you had a hard tempo run and a pretty long run,so probably more of a cumulative effect. I’m curious in a super geeky way about those 1600s – how did you run 4 miles at a pace like 30sec faster than your theoretical 5k pace (based on 48ish 10k)?? Even with full recovery, that is super fast!

      • Um. Not realizing my full potential? Heh, no…I admit I have no idea of the science/strategy behind mile repeats. I just tried to run real fast. i know it was faster than my theoretical 5k pace but it didn’t feel insurmountably hard, just hard enough that I thought it was about the right pace.

  2. So years ago when I ran Hood to Coast, they changed part of my first leg and I freaked out! I was running and all of a sudden I didn’t see any other runners. I realized I’d gone on the wrong street. It was an easy fix, but it freaked me out at the time!

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