Can I be one of those people who posts a month’s worth of stale blog material in one, long rambling post? Of shit you mostly don’t care about? Because I have a lot of topics I need to catch you up on! And some cute pictures of my kid!

Stale blog post topic #1: Daylight saving! I know I’m almost a week late, but I haven’t really gotten to whine about the time change yet, and I think my complaints are somewhat valid.

Daylight “saving” is retarded. It doesn’t save anything. In theory, we move our clocks back to have more daylight hours, but who the fuck gets up an hour earlier to see it? I sure as shit don’t. (Or rather, I wouldn’t, if my toddler had the good sense to sleep in instead of waking up at the crack of dawn like some kind of goddamn farmer on crack.)

This was the result of Googling 'farmer on crack GIF.' I don't know why.

This is what appeared when I Googled “farmer on crack GIF.” I don’t know why.

Stale blog post topic #2: Running for nothing! I haven’t accomplished dick since my half marathon. Without any big races on the horizon (I’ll probably do the obligatory Thanksgiving Gobble Gallup), I’ve settled into a comfortable 30-40 miles a week with zero conditioning or speed work. It’s just too fucking cold so fuck it.

Stale blog post topic #3: New shoes! For all my lackluster running! I bought two new pairs of–surprise–Kinvaras but briefly, I wore some Brooks Pureflows and I absolutely hated them. I guess that serves me right for taking a chance on a new brand, but I had a $50 gift card to a running store and they were out of My Shoe. Instead of waiting for some more to come in, I asked their shoe expert AKA sullen college student to recommend something similar. LOLOLOL. Aside from also being known as a shoe that is lightweight, the Pureflows are nothing like the Kinvaras. I did run in them on the store’s treadmill for a few minutes, but apparently not long enough. As soon as I got out on the road in them, everything felt wrong. Way too much cushioning. After just a couple of miles, my legs ached and the outside edge of my right foot was on fire. I ended up finishing my run in the old Kinvaras that had about as much stability and cushioning as a pair of socks, but they still felt better than the Pureflows. #runhappy, indeed.

Stale blog post topic #4: How to entertain a toddler when it’s too fucking cold to go outside! (Spoiler: by still going outside.) Ever since March 20, I’ve been dreading winter, and even though we’ve had a couple of mild days, it got cold a lot earlier this year. I almost cried when Strollerfit was called off in mid-October. So we’ve been spending a lot of time in libraries, restaurants and toy stores, and whenever the temperature happens to creep up past 50 degrees, we haul ass to the nearest park.

Oh, and the gym. Kenzie seems to love the childcare at the gym, so I’ve been lucky enough to at once fulfill my own selfish running needs and let Kenzie have some play time with her baby friends.

Stale blog post topic #5: From the camera roll! What does that even mean? Do rolls of film even exist anymore?


Oh well. Target! Sometimes we just run around in there, tear shit up, and then leave without buying anything.


My blog friends told me to do it this way.

Occasionally, we forget that we have a toddler and we think we’ll try to have a nice dinner out. Then we end up scarfing our nice dinner in five minutes while the toddler shrieks and throws food.


My play group had a Trunk or Treat! This is an actual thing. You decorate your car and the kids trick or treat from car to car. I won for best car. In my head.


Give me something I can choke on.

We also did regular trick-or-treating, and Kenzie was just sort of pleasantly baffled by it. She flat-out refused to say trick or treat, (Kenzie, say trick or treat! No!) but she liked seeing the other kids in costumes and she likes candy, obviously.


This was one of those days that it was just barely warm enough to go outside for a while. Those rosy cheeks are the beginnings of frost bite.


We took Kenzie to this state park with a really fun slide and almost had to take a chunk of it home with us when she refused to let go.


A meaningful walk in the woods. Like the pine trees lining the winding road…


This is my favorite. She pushes her bear around in the stroller and checks on him periodically. It’s the cutest fucking thing ever.

Hi bear! Are you okay bear?

Hi bear! Are you okay bear?

I can’t even.

That’s all I’ve got. What important things have you guys been up to lately? 


18 thoughts on “lately

  1. I am total oppositsies on the shoes! Love the PFs but have never been able to wear Kinvaras, even though I’ve always wanted to because they are always so pretty.

    Kenzie is getting so big!!

  2. That last picture makes me want to get started on #2 so I can have #twoundertwo.

    You should move out to southern California. The high today is 83.

    Last, I didn’t know it was possible to get out of Target without spending a dollar.

    • Yes, you should really get started on that before you remember what not being tired feels like. Tick tock!

      That one time I didn’t spend any money totally makes up for all the times I overspent, right??

  3. Target is our playground. We also enjoy destroying produce pyramids at the grocery store. The photos of her with the stroller make wish I weren’t too old to have another without raising some serious eyebrows. Too cute! I just recapped my first marathon. But you already knew that. THAT was important. I’ll be taking my kids to see Free Birds later today…which they think is SUPER important. I’m looking forward to that 90-minute nap.

  4. Just invest in a better baby cage (shock collar optional) and give her a ball of twine. You’ll have more time for the bloggy that way!

  5. She is ADORABLE!

    And did you know that the timing of Daylight Savings in the US is literally the result of lobbying by the candy industry, to ensure an extra hour of trick-or-treating on Halloween? (Doesn’t make it any more or less stupid, obviously…)

    Sorry about your bad shoe experience. I have had SO MANY bad experiences buying shoes at the recommendation of the local running store(s)! Have decided I just can’t afford to take their advice any more and am sticking with what works. Could you return the Pureflows?

    • For some reason running stores always wanted to put me in big, clunky, uber-cushioned Asics Gels and they made my legs ache but I just thought it was me being a shitty runner. It wasn’t until I tried out some lighter shoes on a whim (okay okay, after I read Born to Run!) that I realized running wasn’t supposed to feel that way.
      The store WAS really awesome and let me return the PFs even though I admitted I ran outside in them.
      (I had heard that rumor about DST, didn’t know if it was true…lame!)

  6. OMG the bear check in! Cutest thing ever. She is better dressed than me, too.

    It’s a good thing they are so cute. Makes up for the early mornings. Sometimes.

    • Toddlers are easy to please. My parents shipped us a gift, and she’s been playing in the box it came in for like two weeks. There are only so many hours of “open close open close open close!” I can handle. Sober.

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