A Thanksgiving 5k race report only four days past relevance

So I’ll try not to make this the most boring 5k race report ever.

Important details: I’m three months pregnant (There! I thought I’d save you from another of those long, drawn out I’m-hosting-a-fetus! announcements rife with smug euphemisms and bun puns) so I didn’t race race, but I still managed to PR (25:06) because I haven’t raced a 5k since 2010 (stroller races don’t count).


Here’s how I didn’t look while running.

In the past, I’ve done Indy’s Drumstick Dash, a 15,000+ person, 4 mile race in Broad Ripple that in the last couple of years has just gotten to be way too much of an overcrowded clusterfuck, even for a fun run. So last year, I opted for a race at the YMCA half a mile from my house. It was a stroller friendly 5k with less than 500 runners. I finished with Kenzie (screaming) in 27:17. (And I got that recap up a day earlier than this one.)

This year it was a balmy 19 degrees on Thanksgiving morning, so Kenzie got to sleep in. I’m getting to the point (ALREADY) that my only really warm running jacket feels obnoxiously tight on me, so I improvised with a couple layers of tech shirts. My body was warm enough, but I couldn’t feel my feet for most of the race.

I ran a test 5k on the treadmill a couple of weeks ago in about 25 minutes and I didn’t feel that great afterward, so I wasn’t planning on repeating the effort in Thursday’s race. The plan was to just feel good and not dislocate a hip. But I started out in the 8:20s and felt comfortable, so I just went with it.

hooray for you

And there you have it! My first pregnant 5k. SORRY, NO PICS! =( Now is the part where I sit back and wait for everyone to acknowledge what a brave, strong, bad-ass motherfucking #motherrunner I am, right?

OH. I know you’re probably dying to ask me what kind of food I’ve been eating and how I feel about my body, and like, what position we used to conceive and whether I’ll be taking up pregnant crossfit and shit, and I promise I’ll answer all your questions in another blog post very soon!

How was your Thanksgiving? Ordinarily I like to open a bottle of wine at 9 a.m. and spend the morning getting drunk and cooking, but this year I had to settle for sparkling water and cooking–gasp–SOBER.


45 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving 5k race report only four days past relevance

  1. Congratulations!! I’m so excited for the pregnant marathon recaps…you have to do more than one so you can be BETTER than everyone else.

      • Well fuck pregnant crossfit competitions, that shit is so basic. If you really want to blow everyone’s mind, the Western States lottery opens in a few days, and apparently the race is only two weeks after your due date. Hopefully the baby is slightly late in order to maximize your fame, because running a 100-miler directly after giving birth will seal your elite athlete badass status. Nevermind about running while ripped up from the vagaries of childbirth, there is k-tape for that.

        PS. Congratulations!!!!!

  2. prego ultra sounds like a . . . plan. ha. now you get to grow your own basketball! to be honest i am very impressed/jealous at your speed 3 months in. i think i lost my (not that impressive at baseline) speed by week 6.

      • It’s not that bad! Granted I’ve only experienced the double, but I am amazed at how easy it goes. It’s also satisfying to even further annoy the “on your left” entitled biker types! 😉

  3. YOU ARE SO BRAVE. I DIDN’T KNOW PREGNANT WOMEN COULD AMBULATE QUICKLY. Also, you should probably definitely do a marathon tomorrow so you can Instagram it.

  4. Wha? Another bebeh? Did you forget to take your pill again???? JK, congrats. I think you should drink anyway. One of my currently-pregnant friends said HER doctor said that’s totally OK.

  5. Congratulations! I’ve been missing your posts but I’m so glad to hear about the offspring announcement! Yay for babies, boooo for being sober 😦

  6. But…you just had a kid like…yesterday! Now you are committing to more months of not drinking? I AM QUESTIONING YOUR SANITY.

    Not only for the drinking part but the fact that you’ve gotta pay college tuition for two at the same time. unless you just send em to the quarry…

  7. I need to see a bare belly shot in sports bra for #proof

    J/K Congrats!!!!!! This is so awesome. You make adorable babies so I am excited to see version 2.0.

  8. I don’t read your blog for a few weeks and come back to see you’ve turned into a fucking baby factory. GOOD JOB.

    Congrats or whatevs too ❤

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