RIP the 8:XXs

Good morning!

You remember how on Thanksgiving I was rather pleased with myself for running a nice little 8:05-average 5K? Well, that was the last time I saw 8:XXs.

clair danes ugly crying

Okay, a Claire Danes ugly crying GIF might be melodramatic because I did see this coming. I’m just surprised at how rapidly it came (DON’T EVEN.) Thursday: 8:00s, Friday: Boom, 9:40s. Oh my fuck.

What also took me by surprise is that I can ALREADY no longer run two days in a row without the second day sucking ass. And I think I pulled a muscle in my crotch.

judy eyeroll gif

It may have something to do with my impressive ability to put on weight. I’ve gained eight pounds already and almost none of it is the baby. I was kind of hoping not to gain 50+ pounds this pregnancy, but then I remembered how much I love to eat and I was like, fuck it. #fatmom #fatpregnancy

Here’s a summary of my downward spiral:

Week of 10/21: My last 40 mile week and my last double-workout day.
Week of 11/11: My last 30 mile week.
Week of 11/25: My last 20 mile week and the last time I ran outdoors.
Week of 12/2: First time since August that I’ve taken two full rest days in one week.
Week of 12/16: I ran two miles and needed a walk break.

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Enough. You’ve been fucking pregnant before, you didn’t know this would happen?

I didn’t, though. I was not in what you would call great shape before my first pregnancy so my fitness and activity level plummeted immediately and that was expected. But this time around, I was running 40 or so miles a week and figured 20 might be manageable for the second trimester.



I’m relieved that I was at least able to keep it up through the first trimester because the nausea was much worse this time around and running was the only thing that helped. If I couldn’t run lots of miles AND felt like barfing all the time, I’d probably kill myself.

Anyway, last night I went for a swim.


I have been avoiding the pool because a) I am always cold, b) my skin is always dry and c) my workout swimsuit is beginning to look obscene. I managed to do 1000 yards without drowning but it was just as boring and ungratifying as I remember, and I will probably try to put off getting in the pool again for as long as I can.

Plus, we’re in the middle of a heat wave (but also torrential rain) and I have big plans to run outside today!

follow your dreams

19 thoughts on “RIP the 8:XXs

  1. Oh man, I haven’t seen an 8:XX in ages. Actually, I haven’t seen any pace in ages because I ditched my Garmin just about as soon as the pee stick dried, but I think I was doing 10 minute miles pretty much right off the bat. And these days I am just happy if I can get through an entire mile of running straight through without a pee break.

  2. Hold up…you’re pregnant? How did I miss that? Where was the pregnancy reveal or whatever they call it? I can’t be that far out of the loop.

  3. Somehow I missed that you were pregnant. Congrats!

    I was really dramatic about stopping running at 26 weeks w/my last baby (didn’t run with the first two at all), but looking back I realize that running while pregnant is overrated. It was cool at first, but then it was horrible. You know what’s awesome though? Running when you’re not pregnant. So, in the meantime, I will run some fast miles for you (if the weather decides to not be 8000 degrees here). I’ll also drink wine for you too, OK?

    • Yeah, you are definitely right. I told myself I’d only run as long as I still enjoyed it, so I’d like to be able to enjoy it for a little while longer. It’s just frustrating because I really hate all other forms of exercise. 🙂 Run all the fast miles and drink all the wine you possibly can for me!
      Edit: oh, and thank you!

      • for me the key to enjoying has been shamelessly running INCREDIBLY slow. like, paces that wouldn’t have qualified as ‘running’ before. who cares? i get a workout in, feel good, and that’s about all that matters at this point.

        also: re: your more recent post – yes the antics/stunts some pregnant women pull these days are terrifying. omg.

      • Hey, there it is!

        I like to mock the whole #fitpregnancy thing because to me it just seems really body-obsessed and desperate. A lame excuse to brag about how great they look because they can’t cope with the changes.

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  5. i tried to comment before but somehow it failed. anyway, WELCOME TO MY WORLD! i went from ‘hey, i think i’m getting a little bit faster!’ to ‘hello, 10 minute miles’ in like . . . a week. the good news is that i’m still going (and feeling good) at 32 weeks. and honestly i could care less about my pace at this point! we will both get faster again when it’s time to break out the double bob . . . right?!

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