2013 in numbers with no photos :(

Right now I’m listening to what sounds like ice and trees banging against my house and wondering which one is going to claw its way through the back window first. I have a really fun blog post coming soon about our TEOTWAWKI adventures, but it’s not ready yet. This one’s been festering in my drafts for a few days so I thought I’d shake it loose.

projectile ice

My friend Maggie says I need a goal. She seems to have her shit pretty well together so I decided my goal is to be more like her. I started today by ripping her off her blog post idea. Here are some running stats from 2013 that probably only I consider noteworthy. Please, please enjoy it.

Races: 6. Pathetic. I had a scheduling conflict called a toddler this year but I got in a variety of distances so I’m happy about that.
Miles: 1583.
Circles run around the YMCA where I have childcare: 791ish.
Highest mileage month: July – 156. Stress fracture scares: 1 – also July.
Lowest mileage month: December – 78. Apparently enough time passed that I forgot what it was like to be pregnant and got pregnant again.
Time spent running: 188 hours, or almost 8 days.
Time spent drinking: 367 hours, or roughly two hours for every hour I spent running.
New PRs: Four – 5K, 4 mile, 5 mile, 10k. This will never, ever happen to me again.
Favorite race: Wabash-Heritage Trail Half.
Best race: Indy Shamrock 4 miler.
Worst race: The Polar Bear 5 wasn’t that fun because it was really cold and I had a toothache.


Also, I miss these.


8 thoughts on “2013 in numbers with no photos :(

  1. Those are some nice numbers. Especially the hours drinking – it’s probably accurate for me. I don’t think I want to do the math on that one.

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