combination training report and pregnancy update (I KNOW)

Last week I ran 19.5 miles, or what I like to call 20 miles.

I haven’t done a training post in a while, mostly because there’s nothing to say about my training, but I do still keep a personal log (PERSONAL LOG LOL) so that I can hold myself accountable and stay motivated!! JKLOLNO. I do it because it’s a habit and I can’t stop. And it will be such fun to watch the numbers go back up later on this summer!

such fun

Anyway, I used to record precisely what kind of run I did: mile warmup, 4 @ 8:30, mile cooldown and I don’t do that shit anymore. The numbers looks better with the pace omitted.

12/30/2013 TM 3 + weights 3
12/31/2013 3 OUTSIDE 3
1/1/2014 2 TM + weights 2
1/2/2014 1.5 run/walk + weights 1.5
1/3/2014 TM 4 4
1/4/2014 TM 3 3
1/5/2014 3 outside/snow 3 19.5

Some bullet points:

  • I do take days off, but for some reason this week I thought it would be a better idea to go running in the snow on Sunday instead of staying inside and resting.
  • I can’t seem to run more than 3-4 miles at a time. I realize if I rested more on my rest days, I’d probably be able to run more on my run days, but what can I say? I’m stupid. (A couple days off this week due to weather fuckery is forcing me to test that theory.)
  • I take walk breaks every mile or so, which annoys me. It’s not a pride thing, but more of an impatience thing. I feel like I’m wasting time when I walk, even though it ultimately allows me to run farther.
  • Since I can’t run as much, I’ve been lifting weights, which is ordinarily the absolute last thing I want to do with my time. But I have a little routine I’ve ripped off of Jillian Michaels that includes weighted squats and lunges, tricep kickbacks, curls, shit like that. It’s not awful.

Now let’s get to what I know will be your favorite part of this post: an update about my fetus! It turned 17 weeks old on Saturday and I am so proud for successfully hosting it this long without incident. (Unless you count a 6-week stretch of pregnancy-induced IBS as incident. I don’t. And I promise I will never speak of it again.)

I don’t seem to be gaining as much weight all over as I did in my last pregnancy, but my belly is out of control. 17 is the new 23. Or something.

By the end of the day this will be twice as large.

After dinner it will be twice this size.

I left the nausea behind in week 13 and now I’m in that stage where I feel hungry all the time. I do try to eat reasonably well but I’ve also had my fair share of Chinese takeout and Reese’s pieces. They fill the empty void where beer used to go.

I don’t know if any of my regular jeans still fit me because my mom bought me some really nice maternity running tights for Christmas and I’ve been wearing them almost exclusively since December 25. For running. For lounging. For eating. And they’re not shiny so they look like regular leggings. I just hope they don’t disintegrate before June. (I do have maternity clothes but they are packed up in a space bag somewhere in the garage and I’ve been unmotivated to go get them.)

That’s about it for really important things about the life growing inside of me! Next, I will have an update for you about the life that’s been running around OUTside of me and tearing apart my living room.


No really, can we please go the fuck outside?



12 thoughts on “combination training report and pregnancy update (I KNOW)

  1. be careful running in the snow, missy! (i know, i know. but i fell at 27 weeks last time on the sidewalk and it was an overall lame experience although nothing bad did come of it). AGREE that preg #2 is about 6 weeks ahead of #1, which makes me “34-is-the-new-40” today. at least everyone is nice to me at work.

    your running is awesome. i haven’t run since friday – oops. but i feel compelled to make it to 40 weeks again since i did last time.

    • You’re right! And I have side-eyed other people for less. I was going reeeeeally slow, like 12:00s. You’ve made it this far, I think you’ll make it to 40 weeks. Good luck!

  2. I wish you would’ve told us what kind of vegetable it’s the same size as. I relate better to things like that. And is Kenzie holding a CANE???!!!!!!! Or is it just an umbrella?

  3. You’ve been commenting on my blog for the past few months and I didn’t even realize you were pregnant! Congrats!

    My friend had a pair of maternity tights that she wore all the time! I’m back at work today and am having serious withdrawal. Not only from seeing my baby, but from wearing sweatpants. I miss them greatly! Work pants are not conducive to my post-baby belly (and breastfeeding appetite).

    And that little girl of yours is pretty adorable!

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