anatomy reveal

When I was pregnant with Kenzie, the technician who did my 20 week ultrasound told me the baby was going to be a nine pounder, and she moved my due date up by a week. Later, when I anxiously asked my doctor if that was accurate, he rolled his eyes and said the tech had no business making those predictions. And of course it all turned out to be horseshit: I gave (brave, inspirational) birth to a six pounder four days after my original due date. (Yeah…I gained 50 pounds and only six pounds of it was baby. That’s gotta be some kind of record.)

These days, even if your fetus gets the all-clear, my doctor doesn’t like the ultrasound tech to say one way or the other (so they don’t blow your mind by telling you you’re going to birth an ogre). We get a call from him within 24 hours if there’s something we need to know about.

I don’t know if this is just me being neurotic or if all pregnants are this way, but until I get that all-clear, I’m a nervous wreck. I feel like I’m tempting fate even thinking optimistically about my child’s future before I’ve been reassured that she’s fine in the present.

But we had the scan on Thursday, and after 76 hours I finally allowed myself to breathe a tentative sigh of relief. Of course things could still go wrong! Even after she’s born, there are so many ways I could accidentally squash, smother or maim her. I’m going to try not to.

So it kind of annoys me when people do these elaborate “gender” reveals without pausing to mention that the rest of the baby’s anatomy is developing normally. Even more beautiful than the sex: the spine, the brain, and those four perfectly formed chambers of that fiercely pounding heart.

But I won’t lie: I was thrilled to learn we are having another little girl. Who almost certainly will not come out of me weighing nine pounds.


Doesn’t this make you want to be inside of me?


25 thoughts on “anatomy reveal

  1. Aww…little girls are so special!! Congratulations! Btw…I have three sons so I’m just guessing at the “special” thing.

  2. Our favorite part of the ultrasound was baby’s spine. We got a view where she looked like a lizard alien. The tech printed us a picture of her spine and said no one was ever excited about it. Which I think means everyone else is lame.

    (I had a 9 1/2 pound baby. No one told me she was going to be giant until I was getting admitted to the hospital. Thanks everyone.)

    (but I guess that makes me more inspirational!)

  3. Aww – congrats! I always wanted a sister – and kind of feel bad that my daughter doesn’t have one. Not that it was really any of my doing. Mom guilt is weird.

    We found out the sex with two out of our three — and I was always more paranoid that he/she was healthy more than anything. When we didn’t find out the sex with #3 it just blew people away.

    I did have a 9 pounder and only one of the Dr’s I saw (out of 7) cared. He really wanted me to induce because of size. Ironically, he is the one who barely made it to the delivery because he was born so quickly.

  4. I think the spine is the coolest part too. Our baby has had her face buried in my tailbone at every ultrasound we’ve had, so I’ve never gotten a profile shot like that! But we have lots of pictures of her backbone and her feet.

    I’ve always been told to take those growth measurements with a grain of salt and your experience seems to validate that. Glad everything looks great and congrats on another girl!

  5. awww, congratulations! I bet Kenzie will love having a little sister. I may be biased, but sisters are the best. Glad everything else is in working order as well 🙂

  6. Aww congrats on a little baby girl! A developing fetus is pretty much the craziest and most amazing thing in the whole world. They do all the work in there and all I have to do is not fall down or get wasted. AMAZING.

    And I have had an AWFUL experience with the ultrasound techs at the facility I went to and I don’t really take their word seriously either…

    • Thank you! And when you put it that way, it makes all my complaining seem a little silly. 😉
      I’m glad we have ultrasounds, but yeah, those broad predictions have got to go.

  7. What – no printed invitations, placing of bets, and big party with a giant box of pink balloons and a discreetly iced pink cake to get yourself even more attention and create some great DSLR images for pinterest? I heart you. Congrats on that healthy baby! You’re so right – boy or girl, health is the most important thing!
    Also I think babies get bigger with each pregnancy. I was the third and weighed 10 lbs 2 oz a week late; my dad was second and was close to 13 lbs a month early (of course my grandmother had gestational diabetes). Never count either of those possibilities out! Hoping you and your little girl stay well 🙂

    • Bets, you say? I could probably get behind that. I’m not adverse to making a little money off this fetus, considering it’s going to suck us dry for the next 18 years.

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