open post/meta wednesday

Fun questions for blog readers…

How many times will you comment on a blog without ever getting a reply before you give up and stop commenting? And I don’t mean blogs that get 3000 comments. Obviously, I don’t expect a reply from Michael K himself when I leave a bunch of filthy remarks on D-listed. But I need validation. Not every time. But some of the time is nice. So maybe I’ll comment 8 or 9 times on your blog and if you never acknowledge me, I’ll still keep reading but I’ll move you down to the hate-read section of my feedly.


If you have a blog, do you moderate comments? What would it take for you to delete a comment (aside from spam) from your blog? I don’t moderate, but one time this jerk made about 15 assy replies on a single post, and I told him to fuck off. But for the most part I think if you can’t handle what people are saying on a blog, you shouldn’t participate. This is the number one reason I avoid

Have you ever had a comment deleted from someone else’s blog?  Yeah, but it doesn’t bother me. Having your comment deleted is like being told you’re so right, it SCARES me. 

Why do you read blogs? (Take Kaley’s poll about this!) I read blogs to connect with other people like me. Like these people:


Why do you write a blog? (OR why did you stop?) I write a blog to prevent the filth swirling around in my brain from spilling out into my normal life.

What does it take for you to quit reading a blog? I guess if they just become really boring and repetitive, or find Jesus, or quit drinking.

Do you regularly comment on blogs, or are you a lurker? I like getting comments, so I try to leave them when I have something to say that I think is clever or useful. Or when I am compelled by the force of my own fury.
typing furiously

 Please answer as many of these questions as you like in the comments! Or just put whatever you want! Kisses!


53 thoughts on “open post/meta wednesday

  1. Love this post. Yes I’ve had my comments deleted. One recently was on a (probably sponsored) post for Udi’s and I commented that Udi’s was the worst gluten free option I’ve had. I suggested something better and it never made it on the blog. 😉

    As for what makes me stop reading? Boredom. Same thing every day, same stupid 20 pictures of oatmeal, blog becomes preachy or turns into a 100% kid blog. Don’t have kids, don’t want to read a mommy blog…maybe 5 years from now? But not now.

    • Heh, I remember that Udi’s post! And if I recall, it ended up being closed to comments entirely. I say if you don’t want to know the answer, don’t ask! 😉 And I HAVE children and i agree I don’t want to read a 100% kid blog.

  2. Well shit. I seldom respond to comments because I’m surprised enough anyone would scroll to the bottom of a post once, let alone come back again to check for responses. I don’t do a lot of commenting myself, but mostly that’s because so much of what I do is hate read, and I’m afraid the NSA will find me and send me to that scary underground hole on Scandal if I write how I really feel about the things I find on the internet.

  3. Good post! I only comment on blogs when I have something to say, which seems to be a lot less often lately. I quit reading blogs when they become too boring to even skim. I don’t think I’ve had a comment deleted from someone else’s blog but I also don’t tend to leave comments that would warrant such a thing. Instead, if I feel rage about a post I tend to send a mass email to everyone I know who also can’t stand the blogger/would find it annoying. Sometimes I text message screen shots. I’m not sure how often I’d comment without a response, maybe 5 times? I don’t usually respond to comments in the comments section, but I do email my responses. It’s actually out of laziness; it’s just easier for me to reply to the comment notification email. I don’t moderate comments and I don’t think I’ve ever deleted a comment, but I’ve been blogging for so long I don’t know for sure. But my favorite comment is from someone who called me a self entitled cunt (which coincidentally is also the reason I write a blog).

  4. The only time might not respond to a comment is if it is just one word and/or clearly don’t add anything to the conversation…but I don’t get too many of those anyway.
    I’ve had comments that were never approved on a blog…does that count as being deleted?

      • ha! It never fails: whenever I write out something I think is a mind-blowingly clever comment and there’s a horrible typo in the first sentence. 🙂

        Yeah, I try to respond if I have something genuine to say, but if it’s just a generic “yeah, totally!” then I probably won’t.

  5. I tend to mostly lurk – I guess I just often don’t feel like I have something to add to the conversation. But I blog because I want to have conversations/be part of a community, so I should probably work on having something to say…

    I tend to take my delete-worthy comments to GOMI instead of even bothering posting them on the blog to only get deleted. Once I thought a semi-critical comment I made had been deleted (on a mid-range – not quite GOMI/not quite SOMI blogger) (it was of the “um, this doesn’t seem like your thing, why’d you decide to take this stance” variety). It was in moderation, and then disappeared. BUT it turned out she was just composing a response, and didn’t want the question showing in the comments until she could also post a reply to it. It showed back up the next day with her response. Which I still don’t really like. You really don’t trust your readers to view a critical comment for 12 hours without your reply negating it?

    • I’ve found it’s usually a waste of time to comment on *those* blogs anyway. I feel like I get a response that’s been filtered through a team of lawyers and publicists and is no longer trustworthy or genuine.

  6. I haven’t stopped reading your blog yet even though you found babies.

    And I stopped blogging because my filthy mouth threatened my profession of choice, which encourages young people to use their words. Also, I feared becoming really boring.

  7. I usually forget to check back and see if my comment got a response. I like when it gets emailed to me, that’s internet gold.

    I’ve gotten tons of comments deleted. Hell, I’m blacklisted from at least two blogs and blocked on twitter by at least 5 accounts. I’m a people person.

    I hate comment moderation. I’ll never do it. I never delete any comments either. If I have to read spam about black magic to get my man back, so do you all.

    I read lots of blogs but rarely comment. I can read more easily but commenting takes two hands so it’s a huge compliment when I decide to put down my baby and actually comment. Feel special.

  8. I used the word “fuck”….or maybe it was “shit”…in a comment on HRG. It was deleted. I blog because it’s a lucrative profession full of opportunities for #freeshit!!!! I’m developing my craft. It’s how I EXPRESS MYSELF. I moderate my comments only to delete anonymous and spam. My blog name attracts the lowest of the low. But if the comment has a name on it, it will get published no matter what.

  9. I write a blog because as much as my husband will actually listen to all my yappin’, I don’t want to bore the shit out of him. And because my fat lazy friends complain about “all of [my] running posts” on Facebook that make them feel lazy.

    There is only one blog I can think of where I leave comments and … NOTHING. No replies, no comments on my blog, nothing. And she doesn’t get that many comments. But she also doesn’t post all that much. So … eh, whatev.

    I stop reading blogs when they bore me – either their topics are boring, they’re bad writers (or long winded), they try to hard, etc.

    • I guess there’s an exception to my comment rule: if they rarely reply to anyone, I won’t get all butthurt if they don’t reply to me. 😉

      I feel like I’m often in danger of falling into that “trying too hard” category. I’ll sit and stare at a blank screen and go, BLOG DAMN YOU, BLOG! But my best posts are the ones I dash out in 15 minutes. If I think too hard about something, I ruin it.

      • By trying too hard, I don’t mean like, writer’s block or anything. But when you can tell they are really focused on attracting more readers, and more brands, and being a capital-B Blogger, then it’s like … you’re not a person, you’re You, The Brand, and that’s boring.

  10. Okay, let’s see:

    1. I’m not sure. I can’t say I comment very often, which is terrible. But I swear I read all the posts (of course I read all the posts, that’s how I avoid work).

    2. No, I don’t moderate comments. Have never had to deal with any annoying ones but wouldn’t have a problem telling them to fuck off.

    3. I don’t know because I don’t go back to check (don’t even know if I’d get notified if it happened). But I don’t think so because I’m kind of nice so why would anyone be a jerk and delete my comment? (Don’t delete my comment now just to prove a point, woman!)

    4. Because I’m nosey.

    5. Because friends IRL can’t stand listening to my running shit anymore.

    6. Pretty much same answer as yours.

    7. Mostly a lurker, which – now that I think about it – sounds super creepy. Whatever.

    There you go.

    • Okay, you went and numbered these so I had to go back and look at each question for reference. BUT YOU ANSWERED EVERY QUESTION SO YOU WIN THE PRIZE.*

      *there is no prize

  11. I don’t think I reply much to the actual comment on my blog because as far as I know Blogger doesn’t notify you if I reply. Or is that a setting I can change?? Anyway, I’m more likely to go back to your blog to comment if I need to reply.

    • You’re right. I think you have to install some kind of comment notification tool like Disqus. I had to do that when I moved my blog off the free wordpress domain.

  12. THERE IS MEEEEE WHEN I STILL HAD A BLOGGY! And was only kind of out of shape!

    I have little tolerance for most blogs these days, but you hung out with me and let me pretend I had friends so that was cool so we’re BFFz now. Also, you put up with my inappropriate jokes and shit on my tits so that’s cool too

  13. I wrote a comment yesterday but Disqus ate it and I was too lazy at the time to retype it (I’m back now though! Oh the difference between the end of the work day and the beginning!).

    I definitely stop commenting after awhile if I never get a response to my comments. Especially if I ask a question, and not just a #where’dyougethatjacket. Once I had a blogger delete all my comments during moderation so I stopped reading her blog altogether. My comments weren’t nasty – but she was religious and I had outed myself as an atheist. She published my initial comment explaining my worldview and even thanked me for the thoughtful response. But then whenever I’d comment (even on non-religious topics) my comments wouldn’t make it out of moderation.

    I get exactly 0-2 comments on my blog so I never have to moderate. I’m pretty sure my main readers are my mom and mother in law (and they don’t know how to comment) and I’m fine with that.

    I’m not really sure why I read blogs – but I get really excited when I find a new one I like. My blog reading started out when I was planning my wedding, then went to homesteading (I really wanted a hobby farm for awhile) and now lean towards running/fitness/vegetarian runners. I guess I just like reading about people’s lives and often feel like we’d be friends if we met IRL.

    • Agh! thanks for coming back to retype it! I just found your blog so I can be commenter #3! Funny (no, it’s sad. just sad) that you got blocked for your evil ungodly worldview and now i’m dying to know who it was!

  14. So many bolded questions in one post! Jesus christ, woman!

    On moderating comments: No, obvious spam aside.

    On shitheads deleting my comments: I have had this happen to me a couple of times. Which did not surprise me considering the author(s).

    On blog reading: I have cut way down on the number of blogs I read…most that I read these days are people that I have “known” for a long time and I care about what’s going on in their lives. Like you. ❤

    On blog writing: I have cut way down on posting over the last couple of years for a few reasons: wanting more privacy for professional/personal reasons, being a little down/depressed and not wanting to fucking talk about it, and lately, just not having that much to say because the fetus is taking over my brain. Also, I've been doing a lot more creative writing and that is a big drain on my overall reserves of writing energy. But I don't want to give it up entirely for the same reasons you have stated: it's nice to have an informal outlet for the crap that floats around in my head.

    On quitting reading blogs: Same, if they become boring and repetitive.

    On commenting on blogs: I rarely comment these days because I do most of my blog reading on my phone in the middle of the night when I can't sleep. This probably makes me a shitty reader, huh?

  15. I don’t moderate comments. I let everyone, even assholes, have their say. I only delete the spam.

    I tend to read blogs written by others who share similar interests: beer, TV, pop culture and – most recently – toddlers. I only comment when I have something funny and/or useful to say. Well, I think it’s funny or useful. The blogger may disagree.

    I write my blog, because I feel I need to. I should probably talk to a therapist about it.

  16. I try to keep reading blogs that I’ve been reading for a while now, but often don’t have time to comment. Much like I don’t have time to blog myself anymore/don’t have anything interesting to talk about. Or at least nothing anyone other than me or my mom would enjoy i.e. ALL the pictures of my kids.

    I don’t think I’ve had a comment deleted?!?

    I stopped reading a lot of blogs a couple years ago, so I only keep up with the ones that I find genuinely interesting. I care about you! ❤ Plus, ain't nobody got time for omgoatz and omgcrossfit over and over and over again.

  17. love these questions! I recently stopped reading a lot of blogs because they regularly make me so angry – the “full time bloggers” who can’t write, people who give advice based on no education, etc. I don’t know what took me so long to delete them, actually.

    Sometimes I don’t know why I read blogs anymore because there are so few that I like, and I rarely comment because of that. I feel like blogs used to be way better? Or maybe I’m just more critical in my old age now, who knows! Not even sure why I still blog, other than to have a place to talk about my running and nutrition stuff when I feel like it.

    Fun reading all of these comments! I don’t think I’ve ever had any of mine deleted, and I usually don’t moderate my (few) comments…

    • I think it’s both, blogging used to be better AND i’m more critical. Blogging as a career seems to be crumbling. After the initial explosion, a million 18-22 year olds with no qualifications or real life experience thought they could just post their selfies on the internet and become famous. But publishers are still handing out book deals to these people which makes me think wehaven’t hit rock bottom yet. One of the reasons I LOVE your blog is that you talk about your running and nutrition and stuff when you feel like it. No big deal!

  18. I found your blog and I love your snarky sense of humor.

    I don’t know how many comments I would leave on a blog before I start hate reading them. I definitely do this though. I thought it was only me.

    I only moderate the first comment made by a poster and it’s only because of spam. If it’s not spam, I let it go through. All other following comments made by a poster go unmoderated.

    I have had a comment deleted. Ironically it was by someone who commented here on this thread that she didn’t do this.

    I read blogs because I like reading about other people’s experiences, particularly for races I’m thinking of doing or products that I’m considering to buy.

    I have a blog because I like to write and keep some sort of record of my life.

    I quit blogs that I find boring, preachy, or disingenuous in some way. Also if they give bad/false advice.

    I only comment when I have something to say. But I do leave comments for new bloggers and runners to encourage them because I remember how hard it is in the beginning.

  19. I’ve been meaning to chime in.

    1. I’ve never really thought about this, but most of the blogs I comment on are blogs I’ve been reading for a long time. I also don’t always check to see if there was a reply. Lately, I need to really want to say something to leave a comment ’cause I do most of my blog reading on my phone and commenting takes more work that way.

    2. I moderate comments for spam. I’ve deleted a couple of comments. One was from a creepy guy who made lewd comments on my blog and other social media and another was from someone who called me a dumb bitch. I had to block that guy on Twitter and Flickr too.

    3. No, I don’t think so.

    4. Generally entertainment and after a while I actually *gasp* begin to kinda care about the people I read about. I have some hate reads too and those are only to stay up on the ridiculousness since I don’t get enough in my FB feed and feel guilty snarking on people I actually know/am related to.

    5. I blog because I like the social aspect, enjoy writing and after 12 years I can’t see myself stopping. I used to write much more, but I’m slower about writing and have less to procrastinate with these days. I blogged quite often when I was in grad school.

    6. Boredom, something I find offensive or it just becomes a lot of shilling.

    7. I regularly comment, but have been lurking more now that I do more reading on my phone.

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