I love things too you guys, OK?

None of these items on their own amount to a blog post, but when you put them all together and call it WHAT I’M LOVING, people, apparently, will read. So here’s my important contribution to that WHAT I’M LOVING theme. I’ll spare you the the {twee} brackets though. Because I’ll do anything for page views, but I won’t do that.



The Spot Bot. Our living room is carpeted, and now that we have a kid, that means a lot of stuff ends up being ground into the carpet. I spot-clean and vacuum and do all the stuff I’m supposed to do, but the living room was still accumulating a lot of toddler splatter. So we had it professionally cleaned and then we got a nice big fuzzy rug to protect it. Because it’s easier to hide the filth than to prevent it from happening. Ordinarily I’m against rugs on carpet–it’s just stupid, right?–but I think this one looks okay and it if helps keep the carpet clean underneath, I guess I can handle it.


And coloring with markers doesn’t give me a panic attack anymore.

And we bought a Spot Bot to handle other spills. UNSPONSORED: It works really, really well on everything from watercolors to cat puke. If you have pets or a kid or like to drink coffee or wine or you’re just really clumsy, you should get one. 

spot bot

Nobody paid me or gave me any #freeshit for liking this. But if somebody wants to, that’s cool.

Fuckin’ Pop-Tarts. Call it a sad, weird pregnancy craving, but I can’t get enough of these processed, sugary, cardboardy goodies. My favorite part of the day is when Kenzie goes to bed and I can have a Pop-Tart without having to share it with her.

pop tart factory

Gap maternity jeans. I haven’t shopped at the Gap since middle school. I don’t really have anything against the Gap, I just think of it as an expensive place to shop, so I don’t go there. And there’s not one near my house anyway. I do shop at the poor man’s Gap, Old Navy. But I tried on several pairs of Old Navy maternity jeans and they all looked terrible on me. Then for a while, I drooled over these jeans from that fucking Pea Pod place, but I finally decided there was no way I could possibly justify the purchase. As a last resort, I moved onto the Gap and found these.


They were $69 (possibly the most expensive pair of jeans I’ve ever owned), but shipping was free and there was a code for 35% off. I like the fit and they’re stretchy enough that I think they’ll last me through the third trimester. I also got some more leggings because MORE LEGGINGS.

This GIF:


I don’t watch the Biggest Loser so I don’t really have an opinion about whether the show, the network, the contestants, or we fat, greedy, jealous, voyeuristic Americans are to blame for that nice girl who wobbled out on stage looking emaciated, but I can’t stop watching the reaction GIF.

Oh, and this. Fitness quotes with pictures of alcohol consumption!

lift big

It’s a hell of lot of more inspirational than pictures of people doing kettleball thrusters, am I right?

small things

What great things haven’t you done lately? What are you LOVING?


26 thoughts on “I love things too you guys, OK?

  1. I almost bought a huge box of Pop Tarts from Costco on Sunday. I’ve been stealing the kids’ hippie organic Pop Tarts and get the side eye from the hubz because they are expensive.

  2. i love my gap maternity jeans. wore them from like 13 – 39 weeks (and likely ’til 40). i tend to get a lot of gap stuff cheap/free b/c we have a gap visa and you get points, which is kind of fun (i love it for baby clothes although agree that their ‘full’ prices are ridiculous).

    also, even though i use grammatically ridiculous [brackets], i {hate} these {things}. {so} {much}!!!!

    • Their baby clothes are freaking adorable. I’m a teeeeeny bit disappointed I don’t get to buy little boy baby clothes, but the new baby will need at least a FEW of her own things, right??

  3. If that Spot Bot works on cat puke I think I’ll have to get it. I have a steam cleaner, but it’s a bitch to haul out for a small stain, so I usually wait until there’s a bunch of them which is super classy.

  4. I hadn’t shopped at the Gap for years, but then I noticed they are constantly offering 30-50% off codes on their web site. Plus I have an Old Navy Visa card, and I can use my rewards points at the Gap.

    Also my cat is the reason I love having 100% hardwood/tile floors in our apartment. She only shits/pisses (outside of her litter box) on carpeting. Took like 4 years, but I finally outsmarted the little bitch. Plus I’m kind of a slob myself.

  5. I hate hate hate most fitspo, but that’s okay in my book. My MIL opened up a GAP credit card and put one in the husband’s name so we can buy the kid stuff. She bugs us about actually using it so I do. Baby GAP kids stuff is so cute.

    I’m loving oatmeal (I know, I know), Yum Yum donuts, PicMonkey, the Simple Wishes hands-free pumping bra, work-study students, and tickle fights with the kid.

    • What a great gift!
      And yeah, I’ve been eating oatmeal more often than not. It’s one of the only things K will eat for breakfast and I like not having to prepare two different meals.

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