I haven’t done shit this week

Here’s a list of the mantras I used during my workouts this week:

Running at a 12:00 pace is still running.


Oh my boobs.

Fuck this.

Monday TM 3 3
Tuesday REST 0
Wednesday 2 mile walk/weights 0
Thursday REST 0
Friday TM 2 2
Saturday  2 mile walk/weights 0
Sunday 5



One good thing though: I finally caved and bought a Moving Comfort sports bra. They didn’t pay me or give me any #freeshit to write this but if they offered, I would accept because they are great and also because I like #freeshit.

My boobs have grown about 17 cup sizes over the last few months, and I was still cramming them into my cute little Target Champion bras. I was oozing out of the sides and over the top and the bras weren’t providing me a bit of support, but I really didn’t want to pay 40 or 50 bucks for something I might wear for a year or less (please, please let it be less).

But I saw them on sale at Dick’s so I ended up getting the Vixen one for $19.99 with the sale price + a $10 credit I had from our reward points. (Although I just checked MC’s website and they are on sale there for $22; so I feel like Dick’s fucked me. (LOL)).

Anyway, I’m not going to do a full review, but if you’re looking for actual physical proof that these bras are effective, this chick did a video where she jumps up and down in one, so you should check it out, especially if you like videos of chicks with big boobs jumping up and down.

Unfortunately, the new bra did nothing for my actual running. After a prenatal massage and three days off, I thought maybe I’d make a triumphant comeback but that didn’t happen. Friday I did one mile at 10:30 and the second mile at 11:45, and today I did HALF a mile at 12:00 and then walked for another 1.5.


I have nothing to prove.


Fuck this.


17 thoughts on “I haven’t done shit this week

  1. Wait…we don’t get to count walking mileage???!!!! That is SO WRONG on so many levels. I’ve just about had it with all the #FITSHAMING. And I know I speak for the entire blogworld when I cry out about the injustice of no boob progress pics. The lack of sexualized female images on this blog is deplorable.

  2. I’ve been able to pick up a few MC bras at good prices on ebay. Those and a couple UA bras are all I’ll run in, but I need the support for my #awesomeboobs.

    And I too always listen to my crotch.

  3. i feel for you. can me having a lung infection (and doing jack this weekened) make me somewhat sympathetic to your pregnancy and slower pace? Or does that show me as someone who clearly hasn’t bred and is a selfish singleton? Also. walking totally counts. it has to. As someone with serious titwattage, I too love the MC bras!

  4. Mc bras will be great for the breastfeedimg situation so I say a worthy investment! I have the Fiona and 2 junos which are hideous but great boob armor. Also it feel your pain and do not regret a second of just doing .,, nothing … When it started to feel bad rather than good .

  5. I love my Moving Comfort Alexis’s (Alexises? Alexi?)! They’re just about the only thing that works for me, so I try to google the internets every couple of months in case there’s a good sale on them (no #freeshit over here either), which there often seem to be. Also I feel like making a person in your body gives you a pretty solid pass on most things involving physical exertion, so eff the haters.

  6. I felt compelled to leave a comment because I’ve been an eXXXtreme lurker for over a year now and it seems creepy that I follow your blog so regularly without saying hey. So hey. You’re hilarious and the only running blog I read, because the rest are insufferable.

    Also, Moving Comfort bras are one of the best investments of my (running) life. The Vixen provides some nice cleavage which isn’t a big priority for me at the gym, but I’ll take it…?

    • Hi HI HI! I am always delighted (and baffled) when somebody tells me they’ve been reading a long time. Thanks for delurking to talk about your boobs!

      I’m a little bashful about my new extra cleavage but the MC bra definitely makes it look like the nice kind of cleavage and not the obnoxious bitch-your-bras-too-small kind of cleavage.

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