slow is my friend (25 weeks)

Running. It wasn’t going well.

Week of 2/3: 8 miles
Week of 2/10: 7 miles
Week of 2/17: 5 miles

I was having a lot of pain in my butt and tailbone and crotch and thought I might have to give it up. I don’t care how much I love running; if it makes me hurt for days, it’s just not worth it. But before officially throwing in the towel, I decided to try the one thing I despise. I did a sloooooow run/walk routine (one minute of walking, with the running intervals at about 10:45-11:45 pace) and it worked out really well.

Monday TM 3 3
Tuesday TM 2 2
Wednesday 2 mile walk/weights 0
Thursday TM 3 @ 11:59 3
Friday elliptical 40 mins 0
Saturday TM 4 @ 11:15 avg 4
Sunday REST 0 12

Duh, right? I know. I was really, really resistant to the idea of running slow or run/walking because it’s boring and it just takes too fucking long. But I actually enjoyed myself and I really needed the walk breaks to rest or drink water or go pee. So for now I’m still a brave, inspirational, really slow pregnant #motherrunner, and I still get to feel the thrill of running without all the aching and soreness afterward. WIN/WIN. Who knows how long this will continue? I’m just taking it one day at a time.

insanity wolf

So I ended up with 12 miles last week and more importantly, I feel really good. 

More about me!

I’m 25 weeks pregnant and 25 pounds heavier! So yeah, I am by no means adhering to the Standard Guidelines For Pregnancy Weight Gain, but my doctor is pretty relaxed about it and assures me my baby’s not going to be a fat tub of lard ass.

In the third trimester (27-40 weeks), you’re supposed to gain like, half a pound a week instead of a whole pound a week but I won’t be surprised if I gain another 15 pounds anyway. C’est la vie.

tough shit

And I don’t know if this makes me come across as obsessive or disordery but at my last OB appointment I asked my nurse how much I weighed at 23 weeks now compared to 23 weeks into my first pregnancy and I was 15 pounds heavier last time. That’s a little crazy! But it made me feel better about where I am now. And my Gap maternity jeans still fit so I’m good.

I’ve been lucky to have had another really easy pregnancy so far. No weirdness or complications. My blood pressure and all other screenings have been normal, and I feel the baby kicking and rolling all the time now. It’s fun– last time my placenta was anterior so it cushioned a lot of the impact. This time it’s in the back and I’ve really enjoyed feeling so much more movement.

I don’t sleep that great, though. Part of it is Kenzie having some nighttime screwiness but it’s mostly me. I either can’t fall asleep until midnight, or I wake up at 4 a.m., or both. But it’s manageable. I drink a small cup of coffee in the afternoon and that helps me get through the rest of the day.

In the grand tradition of second pregnancies, we haven’t done jack shit to get ready for the baby. But my mom’s coming in a few weeks and she’s really excited about helping me get the room ready. Right now it’s our guest room/second closet, so we need to get all of our clothes out of there and somehow consolidate enough to fit all our shit into one closet. I’m really not excited about it.

I also need to go through Kenzie’s old clothes and figure out what will work for a baby born in June instead of December. Most of Kenzie’s newborn sleepers are long sleeve/fleece, and I’m afraid ALL of Kenzie’s clothes aren’t going to fit new kid at the right time, but I’m not stressing about it. Worst case: we run out to Target and buy a few onesies. Who wears clothes in June anyway? 

That’s it!

Full disclosure: I retouched a pair of underwear on the floor out of this photo.

Full disclosure: I retouched a pair of panties on the floor out of this photo.


10 thoughts on “slow is my friend (25 weeks)

  1. you’re 25 weeks pregnant and running more than I am. stop making me feel so fat and lazy. and next time, photoshop MORE panties onto the floor.

  2. I remember having aches and pains like that when pregnant and yep, slowing down was key. Now is about staying healthy and doing what you can, so it’s great that you are taking a good, relaxed approach to it!

  3. I prefer running around naked, too. YAY SUMMER BABIES!
    Also, there’s a woman a week past her due date still huffing and puffing on a powerwalk with an incline at 5am when I’m there. It’s crazy but I have to admire the dedication as I wonder if I’m just going to fall off the radar and live at Burger King (don’t be silly, Amy- Portillo’s!) as soon as I find out I’m blessing the world with reproduction. I’m also scared I may have to deliver her baby soon and before I have my morning coffee. But more power to ya!

  4. Found your blog through GOMI and am also a #motherunner #soblessed #noonecares 😉
    love your blog, very funny, happy I found it !

  5. Just found your blog through a comment on the neverhomemaker blog. And I love it. I am 26 weeks with my second and about this time last time my running hit the fan and died. That time it was serious round lig stuff that left me sore for days after a 3 mile run (but felt fine while running). It seemed like no one else had this problem. I am sure they did as it only happened from running so most people are not loony and don’t run while preggers. And all the ones who do seem to do half marathons at 25 weeks or something ( i swear pregnant running is all just the luck of the draw). So this time its my right hip that hates me after I run. But its so nice to find someone saying about the same thing. That days of pain is not worth running 3 miles. But I think I miss the actual running more this time. The hard breathing, sweaty, blood pumping, body and mind clearing running. It makes me less bitchy, my poor husband I am kinda a pain when he gets home. Ah well… Cant wait to read more post from you, thanks for being real and honest its so refreshing!

    • Thank you so much for reading and your kind words! (And now I’m looking back at that photo of me that I thought was so big and I’m loling so hard.) I’m DONE running. It’s not even a matter of “maybe” or “I’ll just go slow;” it’s o-ver! I miss it a lot too and I’m hoping for a quicker recovery this time around. Good luck with your second and give my regards to your poor husband! 😉

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