weekend excursion

Last week I had one fantastic run followed by a personal worst and a record number of days off. My excuse: I was out of town and slept like shit.

Monday walking/weights 0
Tuesday REST 0
Wednesday TM 4.5 @ 11:20 avg 4.5
Thursday REST 0
Friday REST 0
Saturday outside 3 @ 12:40 avg 3
Sunday REST 0 7.5


We spent Thursday – Sunday visiting my in-laws outside of Chicago and I was looking forward to getting in some outdoor runs while we were there, but I felt beat up and exhausted the whole time. I blame mostly the fetus but also the toddler who preceded it: Kenzie’s sleep routine was disrupted and she had us up at 6 a.m. every day (and down two flights of stairs to the basement three times a night).

The one run I did do was pretty lame. It was a 12:1 run/walk, averaging about a 12:40 pace. But psychologically, I needed to do it.

Oh, and I underdressed. We had a couple of really warm days in Indy that led me to make poor packing decisions and my slovenly pace didn’t generate enough body heat to make up the difference.

I’ve had some slight pain in my knee that started around the end of the first trimester. I assume it’s got something to do with my #fatpregnancy and the extra weight I’m carrying. It doesn’t bother me until after I’m done running and it never lasts very long so I’m going to do what I always do with running pain and ignore it until it becomes excruciating.


We had fun with the kid!

Kenzie loves choo-choos more than anything in the world, so we were excited to take her for her first ride on the Metra.

toddler riding the metra

Just like a real grown-up disgruntled commuter.

We rode to a train-themed restaurant in Glen Ellyn called 2Toots Train Whistle Grill.  (Luckily, we don’t refer to farting as tooting in our house so there was no confusion about what was going to happen there.)

two toots in glen ellyn

All aboard the burger train! Wooo WOOOOOO

We were the first ones there at 11:00, but we were followed by a steady stream of toddlers. By the time we left there was a line out the door.

toddler too cool to hold the reins

Bonus horsey ride.

And on Saturday we went to Cosley Zoo, a little tiny place in the Wheaton Park District.

a pony at the zoo

Here’s a pony so you know it actually happened.

One of the major first-world hardships faced by parents of toddlers is trying to find the time for fun activities before the afternoon nap, but this little zoo trip was perfect, and we got Kenzie home and fed by noon.

toddler thinks she is too cool to walk

My pony isn’t going, must kick harder.

Then she decided to skip her nap.

toddler thinks she is too cool for naps

Naps are for pussies.

Kenzie’s Aunt Kimmy (who Kenzie may love even more than choo-choos) bought her a tee-ball set and we spent about 30 freezing minutes in a park letting her whack the ball around.

toddler thinks she is too cool to square up

Scouts, take note.

This was our first trip with a toddler and a fetus, and aside from the not sleeping part, I think it went pretty well. Kenzie was unbelievably well behaved in the car. I even read my book for a while (Blood Meridian, in case anyone cares). I haven’t been able to read in a car or airplane since before she was born, so it was a treat. She always at her best in the morning, so we leave right after breakfast and just try to get wherever we’ve going before nap time. (No, there’s nothing more important than nap time.)

Next month, we make our annual trip to visit the great-grandparents. It’s an eight hour drive to Buttfuck, Missouri that we’ll split in half with one night in St. Louis on the way there, and one night at a cousin’s house on the way back. It’ll be the last trip we take before baby #2 is born, so should I call it a BABYMOON??!



11 thoughts on “weekend excursion

  1. Will you be going to a spa and/or getting a massage? Will you “eat your way” through Buttfuck, MO? Then YES.

    lolz…push present. Mine was a 6 pack of Bell’s Oberon. I think that counts?

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