an attempt at baking or, shamrock cookies on a budget or, #transfatpregnancy

So this year for St. Patrick’s Day, instead of drinking myself retarded and passing out in a pool of my own vomit, I decided to bake shamrock cookies with my toddler.


I thought Kenzie and I would have a special moment together as she stood on a chair in the kitchen and delicately pressed a shamrock cookie cutter into the dough with her tiny toddler fingers (while my husband stood nearby and snapped exquisite photos of us of course), and then I’d have a lovely memory to share with my family the internet.

making cookies with my toddler

Toddlers don’t do anything delicately. Someday I’ll learn that.

It started out well enough, but ended –predictably– with a mess.

shamrock cookie cutters

It’s more fun if I just mash my fingers into the dough.

I had to use whole wheat flour because that’s all we had. I have nothing against white flour, but I use flour so rarely that it didn’t even occur to me to see which kind I had in my kitchen. It’s probably the same bag of flour my mom bought me when I moved into my first apartment.

sarcastic applause

I also bought my first rolling pin. Initially I panicked when all I could find in the grocery store was a fancy gourmet KitchenAid one. It was red and really pretty but it was 20 bucks– fuck that. Luckily I found a cheapo bottom shelf rolling pin made of good old fashioned wood and it only cost $6.

shamrock sugar cookies

And I really think baking them on an old, dirty cookie sheet adds a certain je ne sais quoi.

For the frosting, I used Pillsbury butter cream frosting in a can and generic green food coloring. #transfatpregnancy

butter cream frosting on a knife

Here’s a picture of some frosting on a knife because I think it’s like a rule or something.

Kenzie had a lovely time frosting the cookies.

toddler frosting sugar cookies

I’m having a hell of a time frosting the cookies.

But guess what? They were delicious.

artful closeup of frosted shamrock sugar cookies

Artful closeup that I’m hoping will get me a book deal.

What did you do for St. Patrick’s Day? 


5 thoughts on “an attempt at baking or, shamrock cookies on a budget or, #transfatpregnancy

  1. Awww so cute! One of my favorite memories from childhood was baking cookies with my mom. I also have very fond memories of baking with my grandparents. These memories make me smile. 🙂

  2. We have that SAME cookie sheet! Anyway, it looks the same…but ours is a little more crusted. And you’re getting sneaky with the postings…two days in a row. I can’t keep up…

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