stuff I did last week

I don’t have a workout report this week because there’s nothing even remotely interesting about my workouts, but I did do other stuff and I hoped you guys might want to read about it.

We went to a concert. My parents were visiting and one of my favorite artists, Steve Earle, happened to be in town performing with Shawn Colvin. So on Saturday night, husband and I got to eat at a grownup restaurant (Rock Bottom, and it was torture for me) and go out on a real, actual date.


Octave mandolin. Better than a regular mandolin.

The show was at the theater where the Indianapolis Symphony performs, so it was an intimate venue with great sound and cozy seats for my #fatass. And he sang my favorite song of all time, Pancho and Lefty.

The artists actually sat out at the merch table after the show to greet fans! I’m an old curmudgeon who goes to bed early, so we didn’t stand it line to meet them, but we ran into a couple of friends who did, and I stole this picture from one of them:


I love him so hard.

We spring-cleaned. We finally started getting ready for this baby person by sorting clothes and cleaning out our closets. We consolidated all of our clothes into once space, and filled a couple of huge bags with donations for GoodWill.


Bag o’ race tees, free to good home.

We also sorted and folded all of Kenzie’s baby clothes and put them in new baby’s closet. I must not be nesting yet because the task just seemed like a huge pain the ass.

baby clothes

Where the fuck did all this shit come from?

I ran a race! I hate the idea of driving across town and paying money to not even race, but I happened to see on a local running site that TWO races were taking place near my house on Saturday, and one of them was only 15 bucks (no shirt or medal). So I decided to waste 15 bucks pretending to race.

The event was held by Heart in Education, an organization that sends teachers to critically underfunded schools in Honduras. There were probably less than 100 people total, and many appeared to be part of some local high school cross country and lacrosse teams. There were also some families and walkers and the atmosphere was very relaxed.

I didn’t have my heart set on any particular pace, I just decided I’d go slow and see if I could run the whole way. I stayed around an 11:00-11:30 pace, and in the last half-mile made it down into the 10:00s, but only because I had to pee.

5k race

There is nothing more inspirational than an inspirational pregnant chick in a race bib.

Oh, and I won this in a raffle:

body wrap raffle prize


Did you do anything productive or inspirational last week?


16 thoughts on “stuff I did last week

  1. How in the fuck do you find all this time to blog like EVERY MOTHERFUCKING DAY???? Don’t you have a fetus to grow?

    be back later to read this. I’m too overwhelmed by your prolificness.
    Is that a word? I guess not since it has a red squiggle under it…

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