highs and lows

Hi there!

So here are some April Fools Day posts I considered writing today:

  • I’m running a marathon next week!
  • My birth plan: a drug-free c-section at home in my bathtub!
  • I got a job as a breast pump tester! {giveaway!}
  • I got a job at Chobani!

But then I realized I don’t need April Fools as an excuse to write something stupid. Let’s talk about my workouts and some other shit instead!

Highs and lows

My low point last week was throwing up on Friday evening. I doubt it was pregnancy-related because I’ve never thrown up during a pregnancy (I always had endless nausea without any payoff). But I also didn’t have the fever, aches, or chills associated with a shit-virus. Weird.

I spent the next day recovering from barfing, because barfing is hard work, y’all!

The high point of my week was a gorgeous Sunday run outside. I was so psychotically, ridiculously thrilled for the warm weather that I didn’t even mind having to push the stroller or take walk breaks every five minutes. You’ve got to remind me about this feeling when it’s August and I’m bitching about the heat. We spent so many days and weeks stuck indoors, I felt like I’d been released from prison. In a totally first-world, never-been-to-prison kind of way.

I was worried about how Kenzie would tolerate the stroller since she hasn’t been in it for almost six months, but she was fantastic. She ate Cheerios and talked to me and didn’t scream or throw stuff or anything! It took me about 40 minutes to do 3.3 miles, and I would have loved to keep going. It seemed a shame to stop when my toddler was still so tranquil, but, reasons. (The longest I’ve ever pushed her in the jogger was seven miles, and it was because she fell asleep.)

Running in general has been going about the same for the last month or so. Since I scaled back and started taking walk breaks, I haven’t had any aches or soreness and I can usually run 3-4 times a week. Three miles is pretty much my max. I know this is what everybody says, but I’m just grateful that I’m still able to do workoutish things, and that I can still run.

Internet highs and lows/more on #motherrunnering

Alyssa wrote a fun #motherrunner Q&A post, and she has a great attitude about running while pregnant. Basically, you’re having a baby because you want to have a BABY, not because you want to be a badass #motherrunner. (Sorry, I can’t type that word without using the hastag. The HASHTAG is part of the spelling.) About racing while pregnant, she says:

…why would I pay and seek out more opportunities for exhaustion and possible failure? I really don’t see the point of getting up early on the weekends in the last few months before I subject myself to a lifetime of that, when I could just as easily do an afternoon workout on my own. Without a parking hassle and a bunch of people in my way.

And she included some more insight from Kara on pregnant workouts:

When I see pictures or read stories about people running marathons at 9 months of pregnancy or doing box jumps at Crossfit, I’m not impressed. I’m disgusted. Pregnancy isn’t a promise and you should treat it like a precious thing. Don’t spout of s&%$ like “Pregnancy isn’t a medical condition” or “I know what I’m doing” or even better “My doctor said I could do this.” You don’t know what you are doing (even the Duggar lady admits that each pregnancy is different and that bitch should know) and pregnancy IS a medical condition.

And for the low, selfies. If you have to take a picture of yourself every single goddamn time you do a workout, maybe you need to reanalyze your life choices. Nobody is impressed by that Instagram of your legs (strategically flexed to make you look more muscular!) on a stationary bike or your pregnant belly on the treadmill. 


Thoughts? What’s making you burst with joy or seethe with rage this week?


9 thoughts on “highs and lows

  1. Regarding the insane workouts while pregnant … my thought is, those women were narcissistic attention-seekers posting those selfies before they got knocked up. So this is just par for the course.

    But, as somone who has never been with child, I can only think of the experiences of my friends. Some had “easy” pregnancies (i.e., they were able to waddle around and go to work and all that up until the very end). Some where put on bedrest. One friend had a pretty awful pregnancy with a placental abruption and had to go to the hospital multiple times – and my husband and I babysat her daughter during one of those times and I think that scarred my husband and he is fully ready to put me on bedrest the moment we conceive (or the moment I take a positive pregnancy test). He doesn’t want me running while pregnant, let alone running races. It’s extreme, yes, and it’s my body and all that jazz, but I also don’t see the need in stressing him out further. And it’s a valid concern, outside of being healthy, what is the point of doing crazy stuff? But everyone’s different and just because I wouldn’t personally do something, doesn’t mean no one should. Run all the marathons you want, go to cross fit every day, I could just do without all the humble braggy narcissism that social media has allowed us to do so easily. But that goes for everyone, pregnant or not.

    • That’s a good point, and I think the inherent narcissism/need for constant validation through instagram selfies is what grinds me the most about it. Do whatever you want, but if you’re going to post photos of yourself doing it, expect some blowback.
      And a placental abruption is terrifying. I think it’s sweet you would consider husband’s feelings too and not want to stress him out! ❤

    • I agree — for me it’s not that they’re doing it; it’s that they can’t shut up about it. Ever. For half a second. And yes, these seem to be all the same women who were doing the same things *before* they were pregnant.

  2. I did a stupid April Fool’s joke and posted on Daily Mile that I ran 21.8 miles at 2am because I was tired of resting from my spine surgery two weeks ago. I don’t know if I should feel insulted that people believed it, or worry about their critical thinking skills. I’d only run 22 miles at 2am if I was HEALTHY, geez. I’m not that crazy 🙂

    Oh, and thanks for the shout out/quote. I feel famous.

  3. Wow, I feel famous! This is so exciting!
    I agree with Maggie – everyone has different pregnancies and can do what they want. My post was intended more towards the crowd who wouldn’t bother if instagram didn’t exist.
    The selfies. They burn my eyes. I firmly believe you can tell all you need to know about a person based on the percentage of their own instagram pictures that their face appears in.

  4. Dilaudid is, at this very moment, making me deliriously happy. I love you. I love all things. Except barfing. I don’t love barfing. #ishouldntcommentinaheroinfogbutireallydoloveyou

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