territorial pissings

So I mentioned a while back how my kitty had a UTI that we were treating, and although I’ve received exactly zero emails or inquiries about her condition, I know you people are probably on the edge of your seats wondering how things are going with my cat’s urinary tract.


This blog has really gone downhill.

We took Skylar to the vet in February because we caught her peeing on the rug. She got a round of oral antibiotics, but it was still happening two weeks later (not ALL of the time, but a lot of the time). We took her back to the vet and she got an antibiotic injection (which was out of stock on our first visit), but she kept trying to pee on the rug. It got to the point where I was taking her to the litter box twice a day to keep her from doing it somewhere else. Don’t you love my blog?

After we ruled out any illness as the cause, we began treating it as a behavioral issue. And as a side note, I don’t know if she even had an infection to begin with because they didn’t take a sample before starting the antibiotics. She might have just started peeing on the rug because she hated us and got two superfluous rounds of antibiotics for her troubles. Either way, we talked to the vet about what else might be causing Skylar stress.


Just please don’t make me give up gluten.

If there’s anything I’ve learned from having cats, it’s that their behavioral issues are 99.9% caused by something YOU are doing wrong. We have two females, and they have had territory/dominance issues since the beginning. They’ve never actually hurt each other, but there’s been some hissing and chasing. Or Wrigley won’t let Skylar eat until Wrigley’s done. Or Skylar backs Wrigley into a corner. Or Wrigley wants Skylar OUT OF THE WINDOWSILL NOW. But other times, they’ll sleep next to each other on the bed. So while they’ll never be besties, there’s never been any cat-on-cat violence.

She’s behind me, isn’t she?

But we’re still treating this as an issue that reflects Skylar’s power struggle, and we’re trying to make our home more of a Jackson Galaxy-approved feline domicile. A crazy cat lady house.


The first thing we did was buy a second litter box. The ASPCA (and our vet) actually recommends one box for each cat AND one extra, but we’re holding off on the third box for now. We have one litter box in the laundry room and the other one in our bathroom, which thankfully is big enough that we’re not climbing over a litter box to get into the shower or stepping on granules of cat litter with wet, bare feet. Ew.

We also bought another cat scratcher tree/condo/thingy, and even though it’s large enough to accommodate at least three cats, they still fight over who gets to be on it.

You can't see me when I'm in my hidey.

You can’t see me when I’m in my hidey hole.

Our vet suggested we get some of that kitty behavior modification pheromone spray, but I didn’t expect it to actually do anything. When I showed it to my husband, he was like, “that sounds like bullshit. There’s probably just water in there.”

snake oil

And we’re just trying to pay more attention to them. Skylar hasn’t peed on the rug in a while and I don’t have to take her to the litter box anymore, but I don’t want her to have a relapse when the new baby comes home and she’s not getting as many of my irresistible cuddles.


Anyway, so that’s what’s been going on with our cat. If we ever end up potty-training the toddler, I’ll be sure to write an unnecessarily long blog post about that too. 

I can't wait.

I can’t wait.

Any of you cat ladies have advice on raising two uppity females? What is the grossest thing your pet has ever done?


20 thoughts on “territorial pissings

  1. Great title by the way.
    Poor babies! I have 2 cats, a boy and a girl. In the future if I need to get another one because one passes away (I hope they live forever, I’m in denial) I will get the opposite sex for this reason.

    When we got our dog, I was fully expecting some pissing going on. My boy kitty was stinking mad!!! For like 2 months. Thankfully no peeing.

    I really have no advice. But your kitties are adorbs.

    • I love seeing the photos of your cats and new pup too! I think we’ve placated Skylar for now but I hate the idea of her being stressed! And I’ve read it’s really hard to get them to stop once they start because they get more comfortable going in the new place than in the box. And you have to completely remove the odor so they don’t keep remembering how awesome that spot is.

  2. We used to have two girl cats but they were sisters so they got along pretty good. One of them did have lots of ‘bathroom’ issues – like pooping right next to the litter box but never in it. We finally gave up and just put a mat down next to the box and would clean it up asap every time she went.
    Could you replace the rug she is going on and get a new one without her scent on it?

    • Nope, we couldn’t afford it the first time we bought it. 🙂 But we have an enzymer/pet stain remover and a spot vac so we do a pretty good job of treating it. I’m sure she can probably still smell it but as long as she’s not still peeing there (and WE can’t smell it), that’s probably as good as we can do.
      My other cat will poop next to the box if we don’t clean it 30000x a day.

  3. When I got Buffy (I swear to you, I didn’t name her), Maxi lost her damn mind and peed EVERYWHERE. Including inside my closet – on my shoes. She also pooped in my bed – while I was sleeping in it. I used the Feliway and it worked for us. I also used Bert’s Rescue Remedy. I also used begging and bribing. Eventually, she tolerated Buffy. Then I moved and they had to go into the same crate for that event so they are now friendly.
    Getting the cat condo and the extra litter box was a great plan. Skylar is lucky that she has a human who cares for her even with so much other stuff going on. Also, Wrigley is like the best name ever.

    • Aw thank you. They’re both very sweet cats and I would love for them to snuggle with each other and be besties but my B goal is to have a piss-free rug in the living room.

  4. The only way I’ve been able to get Olive to stop pissing on the carpet is to move into an apartment with 100% hardwood or tile floors. It’s been a blissful year, but we’re about to move into a place with carpeting in the bedroom and office so I’m fully expecting that a-hole to start peeing on the floor again. We tried one of those pheromone doo-dads (one that’s like a Glade plug-in), and she started vomiting on the carpet. So, um, yeah. GREAT SOLUTION, VET. I’d rather deal with piss, so we stopped using it.

    • Haha, good luck! There was some good advice on the ASPCA’s website but they basically said once it starts it’s really tough to stop. Our next step was going to be putting the litter box right there in the living room, which would have been awkward.

      • Well it’s been a year since she had access to a carpet on which to piss … maybe she’s forgotten? I guess we’ll find out.

  5. We used to have five cats (3 spayed females, 2 neutered males), but they were all Outside Cats so the only time we ever had pissing issues was when we were delivered a new sofa and the delivery guys couldn’t get it in the door so they left it on the lawn. Fuckers. As it was the first time they’d ever seen furniture, OF COURSE one (or more) of the kitties peed on it. Our kitties did have serious territorial/power issues. No fighting but lots of shunning and dissing. One finally must’ve said “Fuck this shit” because she disappeared and was never seen again.

  6. My dog expresses her anal glands on the carpet when she gets mad at me. Also, if I’m 10 minutes late feeding her, she’ll vomit up bile in protest. She’s special, but at least she’s the only problem bitch in the house.

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