The annual smug and righteous “I’m so amazing because I can grow vegetables” post

Last week nothing happened but I have to write about it anyway.


Every spring we buy some herbs and vegetables (and whatever else didn’t make it through the winter) and plant them in the garden.

This year, I really, really wasn’t looking forward to the planting only because I’m at that stage of pregnancy (hey, did you know I’m pregnant?!) where bending, squatting, hunching, crouching, and basically everything that doesn’t involve being recumbent causes me discomfort. But I like the idea of growing shit in the garden and eating it so I tried to be enthusiastic.

I'd rather be this bag of soil.

I’d rather be this bag of soil.

This year we planted tarragon, sweet basil, oregano, cilantro, red bells, green bells, spicy bells, jalapenos and Roma tomatoes; stuff we like and use often enough to maybe give our grocery budget a break this summer.

I dug nine tiny holes and planted my vegetables and smugly called it my contribution to environmentalism and also my workout for the day.

jayz yourewelcome

Kenzie “helped” by watering some dirt that was nowhere near the garden.


You’re welcome.

And we planted everything at just the right time because it’s been raining ever since.

Look how tall they are already!

Look how tall they are already!

So in anywhere from 60 to 75 days, we’ll have food! I’ll be sure to provide you with regular progress reports.*


Yeah, that’s all. You were expecting a climax?

*No I won’t.


8 thoughts on “The annual smug and righteous “I’m so amazing because I can grow vegetables” post

  1. We have a garden every year–usually pretty extensive. I am so not into it this year. I don’t know why. Maybe planning a wedding and getting a dog has sucked out all motivation. But we’ll probably do tomatoes and some jalapenos at the least. The fiance makes killer jalapeno bacon poppers. 😀

  2. ^^THIS is why you need a smartphone and an IG account.

    I have an Ivy League degree in gardening (bet you didn’t know that was possible). Would you believe I have never used my degree?

    This year my husband planted sunflowers…the 8-foot kind. He got really into it and planted over 150. I’m not so sure how our HOA is going to handle it 60-75 days from now. I’m hoping that the googlemaps car and plane photograph our neighborhood when they’re all blooming. We will be world-famous because we’ll show up on satellite images.

  3. Our new place has a little balcony, and is south-facing, and I have BIG PLANS to grow stuff. We’ll see how that pans out. I have never really been successful at growing stuff. Same with my brothers, the stuff they used to grow in their closets never really worked out.

  4. that’s something I would LOVE to do someday! I guess that would require having some form of outdoor space, which I am not sure I will ever have. Until then, I will live vicariously, so make sure to post regular progress updates. Also, Kenzie and her little watering can (is that what it’s called??) are adorable.

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