don’t condescend me, man.

Happy Mother’s Day! In honor of MY SPECIAL DAY, I thought I’d complain about a few mom-related things that have been grinding my gears lately.

1. World’s Toughest Job. I know this one is already stale, and many, many others have already said it better than I ever could, but it’ll be a good segue into my next topic. And okay, I haven’t actually watched the whole thing because after about 12 seconds, my eyes rolled so far back in my head I couldn’t see the screen anymore. But I think the gist is that I’m supposed to appreciate how somebody FINALLY  understands motherhood, and what an apparently horrid, barbaric and thankless job it is. The ad is hollow and predictable, and it really doesn’t reflect the dynamic of most families. (I suspect we won’t see a similar Father’s Day campaign recognizing all the hardships our dads endured.) But…JUST CRY ABOUT IT AND BUY OUR STUFF.


2. Mom’s Night Out. If your intelligence wasn’t insulted by World’s Toughest Job, here’s a whole entire movie that uses the same tired stereotypes (AND Jesus!) to stroke and patronize us, diminish the role of dads and other caregivers and perpetuate the idea that moms bear the sole responsibility of raising the children. I’m so sick of that stupid slob somehow lands smart, hot wife schtick in rom-coms. And while I AM a stay-at-home-mom, it doesn’t make my partner any less of an integral figure in our daughter’s life. I couldn’t do it without him! If he (or I) were a terrible parent, it would be devastating for our family. I know people in real life who are terrible parents, and it’s not funny at all. But…YOUR HUSBAND IS A DOLT NOW GO SEE THIS MOVIE.

devil woman

3. #MomConfessions. Yet another condescending ad campaign targeted at women and relying on absurd gender roles and stereotypes. LET OUR APPLIANCES FILL THE VOID IN YOUR SAD, EMPTY LIFE.

hey girl

4. #MAMALETE. I think this is related because it’s really just another predictable marketing campaign that assumes women will respond favorably if you pat them on the head and tell them…I’m not even sure, what rock-hard mom abs they have? And not all women want or need to identify in that manner. But…YOU’RE A MAMALETE! HERE’S YOUR PINK TANK TOP.


Now if you’ll excuse me, this is the one day of the year my existence is validated and there’s a hot brunch and a bubble bath awaiting me.


17 thoughts on “don’t condescend me, man.

  1. So, no kids here, but I give most of these ads and campaigns the side-eye. If being a mother was so ungodly awful, the human race would have died out thousands of years ago. Or at least a few generations after we discovered birth control.
    Happy Mothers’ Day to you!

    • I think it’s insulting to women in general because like the Salon piece said, it seems to insinuate that nothing you can ever achieve matters as much as having children. Which is obviously stupid. And this is off-topic(ish) but I hate when parents are like, OH YOU SIMPLY MUST HAVE KIDS, ITS THE MOST REWARDING THING EVER. YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. YOU COULDN’T POSSIBLY UNDERSTAND. It’s just one path. And it’s not any more or less challenging than a lot of other stuff people choose to do.

  2. There’s also a piece on ScaryMommy in which a stay-at-home dad (SAHD) apologizes to SAHMs for ever thinking they have it easy and then describes his “typical” day to show he gets it. I had to comment.

    We are mothers, hear us ROAR. And I am so glad you included mamalete and linked to google and not some fucking mamalete.

    I just was served bacon in bed. Gotta go. Enjoy your day.

    Oh and I hope Kenzie never gets a potty stuck on her head. It’s traumatizing. Or maybe just don’t use power tools to get it off.

    • heh, I changed the link to a twitter search because I thought it was more representative of the fuckery, but yeah, I didn’t want to link to one person in particular. As a courtesy, but also don’t want to give them pageview$$$$.
      I’ll have to look up that SM post.

  3. Also, at first I read mamalete as if it rhymed with omlete and thought it was … well I had no idea. But way cooler than whatever it probably is.

  4. There is a girl in my 9-year old’s class named Nehlete (pronounced nuh-leh-tee). At first I really and truly thought mamalete was a name or nickname or maybe some foreign language endearment term for something…mah-mah-leh-tee. Maybe Cajun or Swahili?

  5. Hope you had a great Mother’s Day!

    I take almost zero credit for the parenting that happens at my house. I eye roll those movies and commercials where the Dad is stupid/lazy/dirty and the mom is awesome and saves the day in her mom khakis and light colored button down shirt.

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