mother’s day + a week of no workouts

Lest anyone think I spent Mother’s Day sitting around and complaining, I actually had a really nice time! I don’t remember what we did last year, but this year for reasons probably involving hormones, I was feeling sappy and sentimental and wanted to have a really special day with my family. (Meaning I wanted everyone to pamper me and praise me and I didn’t want to do anything involving even minimal effort.)

Mother's Day

I’m STANDING. Too much effort.

My husband planned to get up with Kenzie so I could sleep in, but I was up at the crack of dawn anyway, so I just lounged around in bed and waited for everyone to wake up and pay attention to me.

Ordinarily I would have used my Mother’s Day leverage to go for a long run before breakfast, but since I can’t run anymore, we just drank coffee and watched cartoons until it was time for brunch. 


eating pants

We went to a buffet, which is great for the obvious reasons but also because I can just get Kenzie little bites of things and the whole meal isn’t wasted if she gets something she doesn’t like (or, something she liked yesterday but inexplicably refuses to eat today). AND her meal was free. The only thing missing was my breakfast cocktail.



They had a nice spread with everything from scrambled eggs and French toast to prime rib and Mahi-mahi. At one point I had four different kinds of meat on my plate. I make my mom so proud.

[Imagine Instagram of delicious meat plate.]

After brunch we went to Lowe’s and picked out a hanging plant for the backyard and my husband bought some caulk. (I only mention this because I like to make childish jokes about laying caulk and caulking up the house and sticky caulk and is your caulk ready?)

Then we took Kenzie to the park.


But I didn’t take any pictures so please enjoy this stock photo of her picking dandelions.

So I really didn’t do much, but by the end of the day I was exhausted. I hate to admit that because I know there are a lot of women out there who have toddlers and 35 week old fetuses AND work full timebut…I was still tired.


So yeah, workouts have become virtually nonexistent. I was sick last week and aside from the being sick part, it was actually….glorious? I can’t believe how good I felt after not working out for a week. Then I tried to do the elliptical for 30 minutes and one side of my butt was sore for two days.

Yesterday I walked a couple miles with Kenzie in the stroller and that seemed more manageable. (OH, and I do RunKeeper now so we should be besties on there.)

I may do some more swimming even though I hate it. I swim poorly and I rarely do more than 1000 yards, so it just seems like a lot of hassle for not that great of a workout.

swim team

The other workout I was doing was a routine mostly swiped from Jillian Michaels that consisted of some weighted squats and lunges, and some tricep dips, kickbacks and bicep curls, but I can’t even bring myself to do that anymore. The squats and lunges were maintenance for running and the arm stuff was for vanity, so there’s really no point.

I’ll probably just pretend that chasing my toddler around adds up to seven miles a day and I get a punishing strength workout by lugging a 35-pound fetus (because this weight is all fetus, right??). Yay!


5 thoughts on “mother’s day + a week of no workouts

  1. Chasing a toddler while pregnant is definitely a workout. I consider chasing my toddler to be a workout and I’m not carrying a 35-pound fetus. Also, I’m going to save that “Soon” gif on my computer and look at it all day.

  2. That sounds like a pretty solid workout routine to me. It sort of sounds like you are implying that the weight gain isn’t entirely the baby…… which also sounds like what I inferred comparing the weight the told me at the sonogram and what happened when I stepped on the scale at the doctor…. but I don’t teach math anymore, so who knows?

  3. I’m majorly impressed that you can remember back to Mother’s Day. I’ve already forgotten. Either mine was entirely forgettable or so wild that I must’ve blacked out. Pretty sure it was the former.

    What is RunKeeper and why is it awesome?

    • You have what, like 20 kids? They should have thrown you a fucking parade!

      Runkeeper is just a GPS app. (But of course there’s a social component.) I used it to log 20 minute miles the other day which makes me so fucking badass. It’s nice to just hit start and toss the phone into a stroller pocket, but I’ll probably still use for the Garmin for the majority of runs.

      • OMG! I was just about to log and blog MY 20-minute mile…singular…from the other day! We can be #bamf bitches together. But you probably did yours with the stroller…but I did mine with a cane…hmmmm….that probably equalizes everything.

        No parade. But I refuse to get Eeyore on it. I LOVE my family. LOVE it.

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