eviction notice

Finally, FINALLY. I’m thrilled to introduce you to our new baby friend Codie Loren, aged 41 weeks, two days. She wrestled herself loose of my uterus on June 23 at 9:44 p.m. after 24 brave and inspirational hours of labor.

I had a really great screaming, bloody baby pic but out of respect for the baby, I'm using this cute one instead.

I have a really great screaming, bloody baby pic but out of respect for the baby, I’m using this cute one instead.

We got home late last night and may have had as many as two consecutive hours of sleep before we awoke to Codie’s first insistent, hungry baby squawks. My milk came in this morning and she’s been doing her damnedest to drain me of it by way of frantic clusterfeeds. I have no idea what I’m doing, again. I’m bursting with joy and hormones.

2014-06-26 13.28.07

I’m bursting with zero fucks about your hormones.

Watching Kenzie interact with her baby sister has been incredible. She’s been really sweet and gentle, if somewhat frustrated that the baby can’t do more things. Overall she has really taken well to sisterhood.

Which spot shouldn't I push on? This one right here?

Which spot shouldn’t I push on? This one right here?

I’m writing the birth story to end all birth stories, but in the meantime i just wanted to check in and reassure you all that the fetus has, in fact, landed and that we are all happy and healthy and adequately medicated.

Here's me looking medicated.


22 thoughts on “eviction notice

  1. Sweet, cute and lovely pretty much sums up the three of you. I am so happy for you! Codie picked the best day 🙂 How does she feel about the chevrons and polka dots? I’m waiting for the nursing boobs #cleavageselfie

  2. Congrats! She looks lovely and the pictures of all three of you are so sweet. And you can finally have beer again!

  3. Whoa. That baby is tiny. Kid hands shouldn’t look so massive. Unless Kenzie became a giant and I missed the memo….

    Also, it has always seemed weird to me that baby’s have a self destruct button on their heads.

  4. behbehhhhhhh! she looks delicious. does the conehead mean she was delivered vaginally? is that a weird quesiton to ask? I’m asking anyway. I assume it’ll be in the birth story anyway. can’t wait to read about the adventures of your vag. I would tell you my adventures too, but they probably have to come with some lame NSFW disclaimer.

    • Hahahaha! yes, she came out of my vagina (or rather, SHOT out and tore me to shreds; hey YOU ASKED) but kenzie was a c-section and she was all coney too just from her head being all crammed down there for so long.


  5. Congratulations! Codie is a doll. I bet she was just waiting for summer to officially begin so she could make her grand entrance or she really didn’t want to be a Gemini.

    I love photos of big sisters with newborn babies as they’re proof that at one point they were friends. I’ll wait patiently for birth stories. I think your enthusiasm for them is contagious.

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