obligatory triggery postpartum weight loss post

So as far as I can tell, when most bloggers reach two months postpartum, they’re anywhere from zero to seven pounds from their pre-baby weight. Oh, not that they care! They totally don’t even pay attention to their weight! They just weighed themselves in order to answer YOUR questions in this blog post. And they totally don’t track their calorie intake either. 3pounds I wrote this impatient post approximately three weeks after I had Kenzie, when I had apparently already lost 30 pounds. Now, almost seven weeks after having Codie, I’ve only lost 20 pounds (so I have like, 25 left to go but i’d settle for 15) and NONE of my clothes fit me except sweatpants and one pair of cargo shorts. Even my t-shirts are too tight. And that giant size ZZ Moving Comfort sports bra I bought in the second trimester? Too tight.

Everybody says the weight is harder to lose after the second one, but in typical me fashion, I thought the rules didn’t apply to me and I was enough of a badass that I’d blink and all the weight would be gone. bitches_gots_to_learn_orange Full disclosure, though: I have been eating like total garbage. I know I’ll probably lose a few pounds as soon as I can break myself of this doughnuts-everyday routine, but it seems easier to just start running a lot again rather than change my highly enjoyable and firmly rooted dietary habits.

I got my first messy postpartum run out of the way on Tuesday, and another one on Friday. So many parts of me are tender, but nothing feels pulled or strained or fractured or prolapsed yet, so I think I’m off to a good start.

Of course I’ll keep you posted, dear friends.


15 thoughts on “obligatory triggery postpartum weight loss post

  1. “but it seems easier to just start running a lot again rather than change my highly enjoyable and firmly rooted dietary habits.”

    this is usually my approach. but since I can’t run right now due to my stupid knee, I need a new strategy. BOO.

  2. It’s been harder for me this time too. And I also assumed the whole thing about the second time being harder wouldn’t apply to me … Ahh well.

  3. I am so freaked out by this new commenting format that I forgot what I was going to say.

    Oh, right. I remember. I was super skinny right away after my second baby…way faster than after my first. It was probably because I was so stressed out by having two kids and a stepson in jail. Maybe your husband could get arrested? But that would probably be less fun for everyone than you over-exercising.

    And I have a question…exactly what do you mean by “messy”? I am surprised you didn’t elaborate or post pics on Instagram.

      • I tend to stress-eat (and drink) so that kid-in-jail diet probably wouldn’t have worked for me. (Although I hope stepson is doing well. Jail sucks!)

        And messy as in, felt like I was going to leave my uterus out there in the road.

  4. I’m confused why you haven’t had at least 3 posts about all of your food to keep you accountable. It’s like you’re not even trying.

  5. Woot for no prolapse on the first run! It’s all about the small victories.

    I have to say, I’m disappointed that they are no comparison shots. Come on now, even I did those.

    I tend to lose weight right away after pregnancy (although #3 took longer then the first two – which I attribute to being an old lady), but I’m now in the “I”m not breastfeeding (much), but I’m still eating like I am” phase of my life, where I gain weight. Sigh.

  6. The only postpartum loss I’ve really given thought to or done anything about has been hair loss.
    I start a 3xs a week (free!) exercise class next week through work so I hope it’ll motivate me to get some regular exercise again.

  7. I love this. Because unlike all the other post partum bloggers who “did nothing and ate whatever and boom some how managed to look like they never were pregnant” I could go on but I won’t. I’m preggo with #2 now and at 35 weeks already at 32 pounds which is more than I ever was with the first and I keep stressing about how those first 20 came off easy but the rest just stayed like a turtle.

  8. Actually trying to eat healthy is the worst. It’s so much easier to run off extra calories, or at least it was for my childless non-pregnant self. All the blogger post partum “not weighing myself! Totes don’t care! Here’s weekly pictures of my flat stomach to prove how much I don’t care!” are seriously pissing me off.

  9. I don’t know what you’re worried about. It sounds like you have the wardrobe thing covered. Sweats for casual events, cargo pants when you’re feeling like dressing up. And your lack of top/bra is easily excused by the fact that you’re feeding your baby from your boobs. #badass #sobrave #toplessforbaby

  10. I absolutely love this. As a new preggo, I am all about #fatpregnancy. I’m hoping it catches on so that I can be #fatfluential.

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