I flew on a plane with my kids today, somebody give me a medal!

Yeah, so we got our two lousy sleepers up at 4:30 this morning to fly across the country.

This was our first flight in more than a year and our third flight ever with kids. The last one sucked so bad we swore we’d never fly again, but…here we are.

Actually, it went surprsingly, amazingly well. Kenzie watched Frozen on the tablet and Codie slept! And I got to read an adult book for like, almost two hours straight! A post-baby reading PR!

The first thing I did when we arrived was go running in the high desert at 5,000+ feet elevation because I like to pretend I’m in shape.

These hills never look as steep in photos as they are in real life but take my fat, wheezy word for it. Hills.

Both kids were in bed by 6:30 tonight which was nice but most likely will backfire at sometime around 5 a.m. when they decide it’s time to get up for the day. The last time we were here, Kenzie woke up at 3 a.m., and both kids doing that is just about the scariest thing I can think of.

Of course I will keep you posted.




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