We’re friends of the chick with the sword and the kid in the hat

Yeah so, quickly, I failed at my blogging challenge but we all knew it was going to happen right? I’m just not cut out for the life of a full-time blogger! I’m not committed! I’m not dedicated! I won’t shill for limp, processed broccoli or stand on my kitchen table to take pictures of my food! Justins has never sent me shit!

Let’s catch you up.

We went to the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta again this year. We went when Kenzie was 10 months old but this time, she was old enough to appreciate it for all it’s splendor.


We also got to see some friends and family, watch the kids play, go running in the mountains and eat a lot of good food and drink some New Mexico craft beer (don’t laugh, they do have some there), but I won’t condescend you by pretending all those photos aren’t already on Instagram. (Regurgitating old content, the cornerstone of a successful blog!)

Our return flight was fairly uneventful except for a couple of baby blowouts which we accepted with utter grace and sophistication.


Also, to mark the expiration of the Wright Amendment, everyone on the plane got a free alcoholic beverage!

I spent Tuesday getting my shit back together and doing 180 loads of laundry. Kenzie is officially OFF NAPS so things are a little more challenging around here but I can’t complain or else people with real jobs will stop reading my blog.

A lot of people told us Kenzie would start going to bed again if we cut out the naps but I really didn’t want to believe it. She’d still go down for naps right away, but at bedtime, she’d get up 40 times and wouldn’t go to sleep until 10 or 11 p.m. We finally tried no-napping while we were in Albuquerque. We kept her super busy all day long and she went right to bed each night. Last night, she put up a little bit of a fight, but she was still quiet within 15 minutes. A VAST improvement. So it’s pretty clear: we can either have a peaceful afternoon or a peaceful evening and we chose evening.

And yeah, we still have that baby too, and she’s doing just fine. We’re working on getting her out of our room and into her crib, but the first two nights she was in there, she woke up every 1-2 hours so I quit that shit pretty fast. I think I have to commit to several nights of no sleep in order to crib-train (for lack of a kinder term), so I’m totally putting it off. I set an arbitrary crib deadline of next Thursday. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Beer and TV funsies!

Because what better time to talk about television than when I’ve committed myself to reading more?! Sunday was the season premier of The Walking Dead and I thought it was just brilliant! I’m not going to spoil it for anyone who hasn’t watched yet, but I really super enjoyed it. There was triumph and joy, tenderness, anguish, torment, fury, revenge, and of course lots and lots of blood spatter and fire and gore.

Only when f-bombs can be used on network television will be truly free.

Only when f-bombs can be dropped on network television will we truly be free.

Last night, I marked the return of the only show I give a shit about now that Breaking Bad is over with a pretty terrific zombie beer while we watched Talking Dead.



I’d heard from at least one person who wasn’t a fan of this beer, but I really liked it! 3 Floyds has never disappointed me, and this New Belgium gratzer ale collaboration was no exception.

For those who didn’t feel like clicking the link, it’s a “long-buried” (hence the zombies) style using Polish Lublin hops and oak-smoked wheat. It packed quite a bit of flavor into just 4.5% ABV; spicy, chocolatey, smokey and rich. And since I hardly ever drink anymore, it also packed a nice buzz.

Blog challenge reactivated!

So if we’re getting back on track with the challenge, your something scary for today can be that beer up there and that zombie WALKER show on AMC.

As for reading every day, I briefly tried reading instead of staring at my phone during the nighttime feedings, but Codie usually only nurses for about 30 seconds now before going right back to sleep, so I really don’t even have time to do that anymore. I’d get pulled into a good story only to look down and realize she’d been sleeping on me for like 10 minutes. And then I’d feel stupid for still being awake.

But now that they both go to bed at a decent time and aren’t for the present waking at the crack of dawn, I have no excuse not to read in the evenings before bed. Except when there are like, totally amazing shows on television that I just have to watch.

What do you like to watch on TV when you could be bettering your mind by reading books?

okay, just one regurgitated instagram photo

okay, just one regurgitated instagram photo


8 thoughts on “We’re friends of the chick with the sword and the kid in the hat

  1. More of this stellar posting will probably earn you a spot on the SYMJT (Stoneyfield Yogurt Marathon Journey Team). I’m glad the NoNap thing seems to be helping. I had a feeling.

    • I can’t think of anyone less deserving of running the Boston marathon than a bunch of damn bloggers who don’t even run that much but will shill their faces off for shitty yogurt.

      And yeah, you were right. Unfortunately. =P

      • I found that having evening time with my husband was pretty awesome. And then when your comfy leaving the sleeping kids with a sitter, you can actually go out earlyish and the kids are ALREADY ASLEEP!!!!! The transition is challenging, but I found that early bedtime to be just awesome.

        What did Kenzie choose for her free alcoholic beverage?

  2. I tried to take my kid’s nap away and she was a freaking mess. I’m not complaining but I’m slightly concerned that she’s going to need some kind of nap IEP for her school days in the future.

    • That’s why I waited so long! Every time she skipped a nap she’d go all baby Jekyll and Hyde on me and/or pass out at 5:00 which REALLY fucked up the bedtime routine. But it seems to be working now.

  3. I tried that beer a few weeks ago, and I didn’t enjoy it at all. I was so disappointed, because I usually like New Belgium. Maybe I got a bad bottle, because it had a really strange after taste.

    Also, this week’s “Walking Dead” was awesome, and it made so glad that I didn’t break up with it last season. Still, I break out into a sweat every time baby Judith is in danger. It might turn into a two-beer show for me to get through it.

    • Weird, yeah I couldn’t remember who’d said they weren’t a fan, but I wasn’t expecting to like it and was pleasantly surprised!

      And I was JUST telling my husband the same thing about baby Judith. And then I think, but SURELY they wouldn’t kill a baby on network TV. But I also never thought I’d see the whole first 10 minutes of that episode on network TV, so…

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