A basic bitch weekend + kids


I know, I KNOW. I left the blog again in the middle of my REALLY IMPORTANT CHALLENGE.

I just want to say that I am sorry and filled with gratitude and love and ceramic animals. I want to do a good job. I want to do this with joy and excitement. I want to inspire you. Or something. Ceramic animals!


We drove up to Chicago (well, the suburbs) Friday to visit the in-laws and take Kenzie to a concert. It turns out my MIL is one of those people who is REALLY INTO pumpkin things.

A shame she doesn't have a blog.

A shame she doesn’t have a blog.

We took Kenzie to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live which blew her fucking mind.

mind exploded

Ordinarily when we go to a concert, we like to kick off the evening by loading up on drinks so we don’t have to shell out for the shitty $9 beers at the venue. But for this show we left the suburbs at 3:30 in the afternoon, drove straight to the venue and were home before dark. (The venue did still have shitty $9 beers but we didn’t have any.)

It was actually…pretty cool? Yo Gabba Gabba is one of the least annoying shows that Kenzie watches (looking at you, Peppa Pig), and we had so much fun watching her enjoy it.

The characters did all their “hit” songs from the show. At first Kenzie was just sort of mesmerized/dumbfounded, but then she got into it and pretty soon was dancing and jumping around and basically going ape shit.

And Biz Markie was there!

Straight from 1989 to your computer screen!

Straight from 1989 to your computer screen!

In case you’re so privileged as to not know everything there is to know about children’s television, Biz’s Beat of the Day is a regular installment on YGG. Several very special kids whose parents probably have more money than us got to go up on stage and beat-box with him. It was pretty hysterical.

We also went to our like, 3000th pumpkin patch of the season. #basicbitch

If there’s anything I’ve learned about parenting in the midwest, it’s that you take advantage of any kind of special outdoor kid activity you can while the weather is still nice.


This was probably the dopest of all the apple orchards and pumpkin patches we’ve been to this season. The big jumping thing alone was totally worth the 8 bucks it cost us to get in. (For anyone in the area, it’s called Kuiper Family Farm in Maple Park, IL.)

There was also a haunted forest walk, farm animals, a hay bale maze, a mountain slide and all kinds of other shit.

You might think a toddler would be afraid of something like this but no.

You might think a toddler would be afraid of something like this but no.

I also got out for a run on Saturday, but it was so basic it’s hardly worth mentioning. I’m mentioning it anyway because I’ve gotten past that “don’t care about running just in love with my kids” stage of new motherhood and now I’m  sort of yearning to run long distances again.

This is me yearning.

This is me yearning to run long distances.

I’m still taking things slowly and obediently doing my strength and conditioning work, and I do see some of that old muscle definition coming back, it’s just buried beneath a heavy layer of fat. I’m beginning to think I’m going to have to work hard to get my speed and endurance back, and that is just annoying.


Anyway, I know I have a lot to be grateful for. My kids are cute (AND SLEEPING AGAIN), it’s not snowing here yet, and I was smart enough to not sign up for a marathon while I was still pregnant.

That’s about all for now! If I think of anything else useful or topical to share, I’ll be sure to let you know.



8 thoughts on “A basic bitch weekend + kids

  1. Yay running again!!! Come run in Florida — it’s almost running season here.

    Also, I hate to admit this, but that Trader Joe’s Pumpkin Coffee is pretty freakin’ good. And normally, I just like pumpkin beer.

  2. Yay for sleep! I need those pumpkin ice cream mouthfuls (for some reason that feels dirty to say). The pumpkin coffee is the shit and as soon as I bought it and realized that those jerks stopped selling it. Thanks for nothing. This makes me excited for when my kid can actually enjoy kid things and doesn’t just lie there and look cute. Signing up for a marathon while pregnant – does not compute. I can’t even wrap my mind about why someone would do so.

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