October recap

Earlier this week, I swore I was getting sick. Both kids had been up several times the night before which is not uncommon, but I felt more exhausted than usual.

Naturally I decided to go running because when you can’t take a nap, a run is the next best thing. (I’m only being a little sarcastic.)

But the run sucked ass. I averaged somewhere in the high 11:XXs and finished feeling like I was going to puke.

We put the kids to bed as early as possible, I skipped dinner, skipped my end-of-the-day beer (UNHEARD OF) and I was in bed by 8:45, still waiting for the inevitable puking to start…except it never did! I think I was just really, really run down and tired.

I can’t remember where I was going with that except to whine about how hard my life is, which I know is important to all of you.

It’s November 1!

Last month, I challenged myself to blog more and read more and I did very little of either one, but I still think it’s worth reviewing. The terms of the challenge: blog something scary every day until Halloween, and read more. I’d hoped to finish at least a couple of books during the month, considering there were three weeks left in the month and I was halfway finished with the one I was reading (and, SPOILER, am STILL reading).

So I didn’t finish a single book, but I’ve been making a point to pick up my Kindle instead of my phone when I have a few spare minutes. But since the toddler doesn’t nap anymore, reading usually only happens for two or three minutes at a time. Oh, and because Netflix. Motherfucking Netflix.


I also wrote nine blog posts, which could be seen as an extraordinary failure for some, but it’s a 300% increase from September, which is A BIG WIN for YOU 12 people who ADORE my blog. So you’re welcome.

So while it’s fair to say I failed miserably at my challenge, I did REFLECT and LEARN THINGS, and that, my friends, is invaluable.

Just in case you want to read/reread the posts in my blogging/Halloween/reading challenge:

scary things

that dodgy race report I promised you

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

I’m launching a counterterrorism campaign against the spiders in my house

Top 10 iconic shitty clowns of my generation


We’re friends of the chick with the sword and the kid in the hat

I’m going to continue to try to blog more often. Maybe I’ll shoot for TEN posts in November! And I’ll continue to update you on whatever it is I happen to be reading.


What should I challenge myself to do in November? The Vegan Anti-Hero, who alas, no longer blogs, once did a no-pants challenge, which could be interesting considering it’s 30 degrees here right now. We’d have to discuss some parameters…

Am I Wearing Pants?


4 thoughts on “October recap

  1. I’m fairly certain I’ve left the house pantsless numerous times in the last..oh I don’t know…week? I’m not proud – wait, yes I am.

    I very much look forward to your ten posts this month. I will cross my fingers for more.

  2. I will also look forward to your 10 posts. I somehow missed your previous post when it went up. I also share your hatred of Pinterest. I can’t make anything either.

  3. You should challenge yourself to eat ONLY gluten and dairy and sugar all month. Dietary challenges are always fun.

    I had that same weird rundown, gonna puke, went to bed extremely early thing last week. It lasted for a couple of days. It was awful.

    Not only was your October posting total 300% greater than September but also 300% greater than my total for 2014, I think. You’re on a roll…work it! Ride the wave!

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